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PM Modi Lashes Out At Mamata Banerjee In Bankura Rally

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 21, Mar 2021, 19:17 pm IST | UPDATED: 21, Mar 2021, 19:17 pm IST

PM Modi Lashes Out At Mamata Banerjee In Bankura Rally

Launching a frontal attack on Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee for stopping West Bengal from receiving benefits of Central Government schemes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday accused her of making hollow announcements in the last 10 years and doing nothing for the state’s overall development.

Prime Minister Modi, who was addressing an election rally in Bankura, said a double-engine government is the need of the hour in West Bengal.

“The Central Government is running a campaign to deliver water through pipes to every household. We have given hundreds of crores of rupees to the Bengal Government but the sisters and daughters here are worried about even a drop of water,” he said.

The Prime Minister also used the occasion to reach out to the members of the farming community and the youth of the state.

“Why is there no water in the fields here? Why the farmers here are forced to take only one crop a year? Why is the irrigation sector here in a pathetic state? Why have the projects not been implemented yet? The youth here are upset here. Where are jobs, industry and investment? You have only made hollow announcements in the last 10 years. Where is the work you claim to have done? You keep saying ‘Khela Hobe’ while the people of West Bengal have decided ‘Khela Shesh Hobe’ (the game will end),” he said.

The Prime Minister alleged the TMC chief was insulting the culture and traditions of West Bengal.

Didi's people are making graffiti in the streets of Bengal wherein she is hitting my head with her foot and playing football. Didi why are you insulting Bengal's culture and traditions? Didi if you want you can put your foot on my head and kick me but I will not let you kick Bengal's development and dreams of its people,” he said.

Continuing his diatribe against the Chief Minister, Prime Minister Modi said the former gets livid with him whenever he questions her on any issue.

“The more I question Didi, the angrier she gets. Now she says that she doesn't like my face. Didi, it is public service and not the face which is put to test in a democracy,” he said.

Batting for a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government in West Bengal, Prime Minister Modi said it is necessary to bring the saffron party to power in the state for overall development and corrupt-free systems.

To get corruption-free systems, it is important to bring the BJP Government. To give top priority to development, the BJP Government is necessary for Bengal,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi also countered the TMC supremo’s allegations that voting in the assembly elections would be rigged.

“Didi is already asking questions on EVM. It is the same EVM that kept her in power for 10 years. She is already witnessing her defeat in the upcoming elections. Every person in Bengal must exercise their power to vote without any fear,” he said.

Voting for the 294-member West Bengal Assembly will be held in eight phases beginning March 27 and ending on April 29. The results will be declared on May 2.

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