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CM Yogi Adityanath Announces Implementation Of Population Control Policy

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 11, Jul 2021, 20:10 pm IST | UPDATED: 11, Jul 2021, 20:10 pm IST

CM Yogi Adityanath Announces Implementation Of Population Control Policy

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has released the new population control policy for the state which aims to keep a check on the growing numbers from 2021-2030. The UP CM said that this policy will help achieve the target of a healthy family. He further said that population explosion can create obstacles in the development of the state and the country. 

"Increasing population can be a hurdle in way of development. Every community has been taken care of in Population Policy 2021-2030", UP CM Yogi Adityanath.

People who will abide by the new population policy will be allowed to avail the benefits of the government scheme. CM Yogi also launched a health app that will help in registering people for the schemes adhering with the new policy.

Supporting the Yogi government's move, UP Health Minister JP Singh said, "It is necessary to control the population. It is estimated that our (India) population will overtake China by 2027. If we implement the new population policy, then according to the estimates, the population of our state will stabilise by 2052."

UP's Population Control Policy

The draft provides incentives to married couples who limit their families to two or fewer children, whereas it disincentivises those who fail to adhere to the two-child norm.

The incentives would be extended to anyone who adopts the two-child norm by undergoing voluntary sterilization operation upon himself or spouse. This will include a soft loan for construction or purchasing a house at nominal rates of interest and a rebate on charges for utilities such as water, electricity, and house tax.

For those who adopt two-child policy

Listing out benefits for public servants who adopt the two-child policy, the draft bill says, “Public servants who adopt the two-child norm will get two additional increments during the entire service, maternity or as the case may be, paternity leave of 12 months, with full salary and allowances and three per cent increase in the employer’s contribution fund under the national pension scheme.”

For those with single child

Those who have only one child and undergo voluntary sterilisation will additionally get free health care facilities and free insurance coverage to the single child till they turn 20, preference to single child in admission in all educational institutions, including IIMs and AIIMS, free education up to graduation level, scholarship for higher studies in case of a girl child and preference to a single child in government jobs. Public servants sticking to the one-child norm will be eligible for four additional increments in all apart from the incentives promised to the general public doing the same.

Also, a couple living below the poverty line, having only one-child and undergoing voluntary sterilisation operation upon himself or spouse shall be eligible additionally for payment from the government for a one-time lump-sum amount of Rs 80,000 if the single child is a boy, and Rs 1 Lakh if the single child is a girl.

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