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Haryana at R-Day Parade-Tableau showcases its sporting prowess

By Priti | PUBLISHED: 27, Jan 2022, 19:10 pm IST | UPDATED: 08, Feb 2022, 23:30 pm IST

Haryana at R-Day Parade-Tableau showcases its sporting prowess New Delhi: The celebrations of 73rd Republic Day held at Rajpath in New Delhi witnessed the ‘Sports power of Haryana’, as the State’s tableau featured international sportspersons who have brought laurels for the country and state not only at national but global level as well.

At the R-Day celebrations Haryana’s tableau at Rajpath showcased the pride of India in the field of sports, in which Indian players hoisted the tricolour by waving the flag of victory and raised India's honour on the world stage.

The highlight of this tableau was the presence of many international-level players including Yogeshwar Dutt, Bajrang Punia, Kumari Rani Rampal and Sumit Antil. These players have brought laurels to the country by winning medals in the Olympics, Asian and Commonwealth Games.

Haryana is not only first in the country in the performance of its players at international events but is also ahead in the country in terms of awarding the highest award money to its players.

Key highlight of Haryana’s Tableau  

The Haryana Tableau was divided into two parts, of which the front part consisted of horses and a conch. The horses pulling the chariot symbolized ‘Vijay Rath’ from the Mahabharata and the conch was a symbol of Lord Krishna's conch shell. The second part of the tableau was divided into four parts. The first part, an the arena built on the lines of the Olympic Games, two wrestlers were seen giving demonstrations of wrestling bout on the mat. On the rear two parts, 10 famous sportspersons of Haryana of international level were seen standing.

On the posterior side of the tableau was a life-size replica of Olympian Neeraj Chopra in javelin throwing posture. On both sides of the Tableau, the activities of sportspersons from selected sports including Boxing, Weight-lifting, Shooting, Discus-Throw and Hockey were depicted.

The theme this year was 'Haryana - Number One in Sports’. Haryana’s tableau on the theme ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ was selected for the Republic Day celebrations in the year 2017.

Highest award money to its players

Haryana having only 1.3 percent geographical area and 2.09 percent population of the country its sportspesons have won 4 medals out of 7 medals in the Tokyo Olympics-2020, including a lone gold medal in the individual category. For this acheivement the State Government awarded Rs 25.40 crore cash prize along with providing Class-I and Class-II government jobs to sportspersons from the state participating in Tokyo Olympics. Similarly, the government has provided cash prizes worth Rs 28.15 crore and jobs to the sportspersons of Haryana who brought laurels to the country in Tokyo Paralympics-2020.

Maximum medals won by Haryana

Apart from Tokyo Olympics and Tokyo Paralympics-2020, Haryana players won 4 medals out of total 6 medals won by India in Olympics-2012 and 1 out of 2 medals in Olympics-2016. Similarly, in Asian Games-2018, Haryana players won 17 medals out of total of 69 medals won by players from across the country and 21 out of 57 medals in Asian Games-2012. In the Commonwealth Games-2014 and 2018 the players of Haryana had excelled by winning 20 and 22 medals respectively. Along with giving due respect to the players, the Haryana government is providing adequate infrastructure to the players so that they can showcase their hidden talents.

The infrastructure, cash prizes and other facilities provided by the Haryana government to its players are unmatched across the country.

Players standing on the tableau

Bajrang Punia, Wrestling Bronze Medal (Olympics 2020), Kumari Rani Rampal, Captain, Women's Hockey Team 4th place (Olympics 2020), Yogeshwar Dutt Wrestling Bronze Medal (Olympics 2012), Mamta Kharab, Former Captain of Indian Women's Hockey Team, Arjun Awardee, Sumit Antil, Para Athlete Gold Medalist (Paralympics-2020), Deepak Punia, Wrestling Fourth Position (Olympics 2020), Harvinder Para Archery Bronze Medal (Paralympics 2020), Yogesh Kathuniya Para Athlete Silver Medal (Olympics 2020), Rampal Para Athlete Participant (Paralympics 2020), Ranjit Para Athlete Participant (Olympics 2020), Ashu Wrestling Live Demonstration, Anil Wrestling Live Demonstration, Dr. Kuldeep Saini Representative, Haryana Government.


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