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Payal Rohatgi gets bashed after she passes Islamophobic remarks against Zeeshan Khan

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 04, Apr 2022, 18:16 pm IST | UPDATED: 04, Apr 2022, 18:16 pm IST

Payal Rohatgi gets bashed after she passes Islamophobic remarks against Zeeshan Khan

New Delhi: Payal Rohatgi, who is currently seen as a contestant in 'Lock Upp', has emerged as one of the most controversial cadidates of the reality show, because of her derogatory statements against other housemates. This time, she targetted Zeeshan Khan and Poonam Pandey, leading to a massive fight erupting among housemates, on Saturday.  It all started after Payal initiated a discussion against 'halal' meat getting ban in Karanataka. 

The discussion between Payal and Zeesha turns into a heated argument. The matter further escalated and Payal made a few Islamophobic comments against one of the contestants Zeeshan Khan and called him a terrorist. This did not go down with any of the contestants inside the jail and they all charged towards her condemning her act. 

 Zeeshan, who was completely taken aback with her action, hurled abuses against Payal. Other housemates, including Poonam and Nisha too did not spare her either and asked her to take back her words. 

Munawar, Ali Merchant and Mandana, Zeeshan, Anjali, Poonam, Azma, everyone called her out and some of them even abused her for her actions. The entire house demanded her ouster from the show.

Payal also get into an argument with Poonam and comments that the latter knows nothing other than taking off her top or abusing others. 

The housemates raise the issue with Queen Kangana Ranaut on Saturday and demanded to remove her from the show. Kangana also slammed Payal for her comments against Zeeshan and a particular community and said she should be ashamed of her words. Kangana reminded Payal that she had been attacking a particular community since a long time and had even spent time in a jail because of it. Kangana said this is the reason why even right-wings don't support or stand for her. 

 The host also made it very clear that they do not support Payal's comments or her ideology, it is her personal opinion and she will have to bear the consequences on her own. Kangana repeatedly said this during the episode that they do not identify with Payal's views and as a punishment she won't be allowed to lead any team till the time she is on the show. 

In addition, Kangana announced that she is putting Payal's name in the next week's chargesheet for her controversial remarks.