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Jahangirpuri clash: Delhi police arrests 5 people of same family

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 19, Apr 2022, 19:23 pm IST | UPDATED: 19, Apr 2022, 19:29 pm IST

Jahangirpuri clash: Delhi police arrests 5 people of same family

New Delhi: Delhi Police arrested five people and apprehended one minor of the same family in connection with the April 16 Delhi Jahangirpuri violence. A total of 23 people have been arrested and two juveniles apprehended so far in connection with the incident in which nine people, including eight police personnel and a civilian, were injured.

Delhi Police have arrested people from "both communities" for the violence. Among all the arrested, the police have arrested all the men of a family belonging to "one particular community". The accused have been identified as Suken Sarkar, his brother Suresh Sarkar, Suken`s two sons Neeraj and Suraj, and Sukeen`s brother-in-law Sujit. Police have also detained Suken`s minor son.

After the arrest, Suken`s wife Durga Sarkar told ANI, "My husband, brother-in-law, three sons and my brother have been arrested by the police. They are all innocent. They were on the chariot in the procession and stones were pelted at him. A brick was thrown at my husband. His brother suffered severe injuries to his head, but despite this, they saved the Hanuman idol."

Durga told that her husband came home and told her that people belonging to the "other community" first started arguing with them and they also were the ones to start stone-pelting. "My husband ran away from that place to save his life. He does a small job and my son is in Class 12. He has his board exams. If he is not released, his life would be ruined", she added.

Durga Sarkar further alleged a larger conspiracy, and said, "Why is just my family members arrested? There were others too. This is a conspiracy, I want my family members to be released."

Arrested Sujit`s wife Meenu said, "My husband has been arrested by the police. He was pulling the chariot in the Shobha Yatra. He told that 5-6 people came from the mosque and asked them to stop the loudspeaker and stop chanting Jai Shri Ram."

When the people in the procession refused, hundreds of people from the `other community` came out with swords and attacked the procession. My husband somehow ran to save his life", added Meenu.

According to Meenu, her husband did not participate in stone-pelting. "Or he would only do it for self-defence. If someone comes to kill me, should I not try to protect myself?", she added.

"My husband knows all the people who actually started the riot. But despite this, the other community became heroes, our people became villains. We live in Hindustan and it is our right to chant Jai Shri Ram."

In wake of the Jahangirpuri violence that broke out on April 16, the Delhi police are conducting drone surveillance to keep a vigil over the Central District. "Delhi police also keeping an eye at Jama Masjid and Hauz Qazi area in Central district from the sky with the use of drones", said DCP Shweta Chauhan, Central District.

Besides that, Aman committee meetings were held with residents of the Central district at various police stations under the Central District. "Police officials reached out to communities and appealed to maintain peace and harmony at all times", the DCP said.

"The Aman Committee appealed to people to maintain peace and harmony, and not to spread and trust rumours/misinformation and to report mischievous activities." police said.

Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana, while addressing a press conference on Monday, assured that action will be taken against those found guilty irrespective of their class, creed, community and religion.

Two prime accused - Ansar and Aslam - were sent to police custody till Wednesday by a Delhi Court today. Four other fresh accused of the incident were sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

A day ago, during submission before the court, Delhi Police alleged that the main accused - Ansar and Aslam - got to know about the `Shobha Yatra` on April 15 and then they hatched this "conspiracy".

Delhi Police also said that they have to go through the CCTV footage, and identify others involved in this case.

Earlier, an altercation between two groups erupted during a religious procession in Delhi`s Jahangirpuri on April 16 that left nine people injured including eight police personnel and a civilian.Meanwhile, police deployment on Tuesday continued in the Jahangirpuri area in New Delhi. 

Minister of State for External Affairs Meenakashi Lekhi on Monday alleged that the violence that broke out in Delhi`s Jahangirpuri on April 16 was a conspiracy by those who want to promote enmity. 

Speaking to the media, Lekhi said, "It is a conspiracy by those who want to promote enmity to hamper law and order situation. Police are taking cognizance of the matter," adding that the police report is awaited to see who all are responsible. "It should be probed thoroughly..." Lekhi added.

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