Thursday, Aug 11th 2022
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Nupur Sharma comments: Taslima Nasreen BLASTS rioters

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 11, Jun 2022, 17:14 pm IST | UPDATED: 11, Jun 2022, 17:16 pm IST

Nupur Sharma comments: Taslima Nasreen BLASTS rioters

New Delhi: Bangladeshi Author Taslima Nasreen today slammed the protesters who have been blatantly damaging public property demanding the arrest of BJP leader Nupur Sharma. Nasreen, blasting the rioters, said that Prophet Muhammad "would have been shocked" in the current scenario. The comments came a day after she said that there shall always be space for questioning, and 'no prophet is abover cricticism'. The Bangladeshi author, who has always been at the target of Islamic hardliners, said: "Even if prophet Muhammad was alive today, he would have been shocked to see the madness of the Muslim fanatics around the world."

Two days ago, Taslima Nasreen had said: "No one is above criticism, no human, no saint, no messiah, no prophet, no god. Critical scrutiny is necessary to make the world a better place."

Muslim community members on Friday and Saturday carried out coutrywide protests demanding the arrest of BJP leader Nupur Sharma over her controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad. Protests for Nupur Sharma's arrest were carried out at Delhi's Jama Masjid, Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid, Ludhiana's Jama Masjid, Kolkata's Park Circus, Prayagraj's Atal Area.

As per laterst reports, two people died during protests in Jharkhand's Ranchi, while many were injured in West Bengal's Howrah.

In West Bengal, a large number of people gathered at Kolkata's Park Circus and demanded the arrest of suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma and expelled leader Naveen Jindal. In UP's Prayagraj, stones were hurled during clashes in Atala area after the Friday prayers.

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