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How to beat heat and feel cool-cool during Summer, food tips: Muskan Mail 271

By Manoj Pathak | PUBLISHED: 17, May 2017, 7:05 am IST | UPDATED: 17, May 2017, 3:35 am IST

How to beat heat and feel cool-cool during Summer, food tips: Muskan Mail 271 New Delhi: Friends, as you know smile mail brings a happiness dose and health tips for you. So today's audio related to Buddha's way of life, which can solve the rising pollution level of man and environment.

We at presenting Muskan mail , have learnt many lessons from life and know how to smile in all weather.

Yes it's an art and all who need a perfect health and true innocent smile come together to smile like Buddha.

Listen to our analysis on Buddha. Listen to our views, our Audio, our tips.

Earlier we talked about, Tripitak, If you want to know Baudhisam, Tripitak is the main way to understand Lord Buddha, Buddha's thought. adopt Buddha's teachings for perfect smile.

Muskan mail decoding Lord Buddha's thought in our Audio. Dirty politics, polluted environment and rising consumerism, Buddha finds the way defeated the market forces.

It is in Hindi but if you understand Hindi, you may save your health and this planet ' Mother Earth' also with our tips.

Lets Come together, join hands.

Good morning

17- 05-2017, Wednesday

*Audio clips number 271*

Sun is rising temperature, heat on peak, so how to beat heat and feel cool-cool during Summer. Listen to our food tips with Muskan Mail 271

Please listen Smile Mail Audio dose daily and share it with your family and friends,.....and your views with us.

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