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SRVG Yatra 2017 comes to an end with celebration of Lord Hanuman birth festival in Bharbhara MP, Day 60

By Special correspondent | PUBLISHED: 11, Apr 2017, 10:25 am IST | UPDATED: 11, Apr 2017, 6:55 am IST

SRVG Yatra 2017 comes to an end with celebration of Lord Hanuman birth festival in Bharbhara MP, Day 60
Ayodhaya: SRVG yatra 2017 is concluding today at the bank of Shilpara river in Bharbhara pilgrimage of Shri Ram in exile. Dr Ramautar and his team members are performing rituals and special prayer in Shiv Mandir of  Bharbhara, which is situated in Katani district of Madhya Pradesh. 
Dr Ramawatar Sharma, chairperson of Ramayan circuit, constituted by Government of India affirms that  Shri Ram had come here, stayed for brief period and performed daily rituals of worshiping Lord Shiva in Treta.
 Memoir of this event is still present in the core heart of local people and we find a continuous chain of events from Balmiki to Kalidas, Bhavabhuti, Bhas, Goswami Tulsidas and many more Ramkatha singers ,  who wrote about the leela of Shri Ram and enacted in his leela in respective period to make  the story of Shri Ram immortal saga of Indian life.
 Dr Sharma a staunch devotee of Shri Ram and firm believer that Son of Dashrath Shri Ram is an incarnation of supreme God, and he played his role as common man to save the Dharma and became a legend in his own period. 
He said we need to decode our mythological role models as a common man's effort who made a history by serving not only the humanity but to whole earth's living non living bodies to make a harmony in each one's life.
Dr Ramautar and his team members had began his 11th Ayodhaya to Rameshwaram Journey on 9 th February from Delhi and today scheduled to conclude this pilgrimage tour on the auspicious occasion of Lord Hanuman birth day Chaitra Purnima.
Local people are congregating in large numbers to celebrate the birth ceremony of Lord Hanuman at Shiva Mandir of  Bharbhara in  Katni district of  Madhya Pradesh. Lord Hanuman is believed as seven auspicious person who never dies after his birth. It is said that he will remain living and singing Shri Ram Katha with each place everywhere until a single man remains chanting Ram Ram.
Today after a massive tour of more than 230 pilgrimage of Shri Ram's exile leela bhumi officially this Ayodhya to Rameshwaram journey comes to an end.
Dr Ramautar is scheduled to return Delhi after performing prayers at Bharbhara and offer last poojan of this yatra at Lord Hanuman Temple at Baba Khadak Singh Marga Delhi. 
This pilgrimage has begone from the same spot and come to an end with thanking historical Baba Hanuman who is believed to blessing his devotees since Mahabharat period. 
So let's celebrate the birth festival of Lord Hanuman with we all who are associated with this yatra as media partner. 
jai Hanuman, Jai Bajrangbali, Jai Siyaram, Jai Jai Siyaram  

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Above images of Bharbhara Shiva Temple. Just above head priest of Bharbhara temple. Mohantji of this temple says earlier there was small hut like place in his childhood, and he had learnt from for fathers that very early there was an old temple in the close viccinity from where Shivalinga vigraha was found during a flood water erosion in the near by bank of Shilpara river.

So the legend of Shri Ram goes back to ancient period. He says that we still preserved the Mugdar of Hanuman Baba here with his vigraha to bless we all.

jai Hanuman, Jai Bajrangbali, Jai Siyaram, Jai Jai Siyaram , Jai Shri Ram, Ram Ram Ram

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