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Does any body remember FIPIC event held in Rajasthan?

By Radheshyam Tewari | PUBLISHED: 10, Sep 2015, 16:25 pm IST | UPDATED: 10, Sep 2015, 16:38 pm IST

Does any body remember FIPIC event held in Rajasthan? The government’s PR events generally have half a dozen protocols which starts from a red carpet welcome, nice accommodation, some children to wave flags on both the sides of the road, nice food, some selected entertainment at nightfall and finally a warm good bye. It happens with every government event in every country. So it happened in Jaipur where heads and representatives from 14 Pacific island nations came to support India’s candidature for the  permanent post in United Nation’s security council and to have some business exchanges. The Indian prime minister came all the way from Delhi to welcome the guests and he opened his heart to the guests as he traditionally does every where before waving his hands. He said the summit hosted by India was the first step towards promoting trade and investment opportunities between Pacific Nations and India. One failed to understand how these little countries would support India when Japan was vying for the seat since many decades.

China favored Pakistan on Lakhvi despite opposition from Modi. It had earlier blocked UN from seeking an explanation over the release of Lakhvi saying that there was no evidence provided by India to merit such an action. Modi emphasized the point in his meeting that many other countries including all other permanent members of the UN Security Council believed Lakhvi was a terrorist responsible for the Mumbai attacks which left over 160 people dead. But the PM’s magic didn’t work.

Again during UAE visit last time the Indian media was shouted from the rooftop of knowing Dawood's whereabouts and having just missed him but that too misfired and he returned as usual alone.
Now the only hope for the prime minister is to call for greater cooperation and strengthen ties with all the FIPIC countries and to promote trade investment and investment opportunities with Prasar Bharati’s TV and Radio programs, to develop E-libraries and provide medical facilities to these countries. But the analysts may keep their finger crossed. These countries might pressurize China and Pakistan to make it easy for India's UNSC seat.  The Summit has already become history. Its all forgotten conveniently.