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Venkaiah Naidu as Vice President Candidate: Face and Facts on Transpired Move?

By Ravi Kumar Kodigula | PUBLISHED: 19, Jul 2017, 13:08 pm IST | UPDATED: 19, Jul 2017, 16:48 pm IST

Venkaiah Naidu as Vice President Candidate: Face and Facts on Transpired Move? Hyderabad: BJP Duo’s master surgical stroke to send Venkaiah Naidu has been in the making for quite some time.

The active role being played Ram Madhav, who has become very close to Gujarati political Duo after playing an important role in J&K, North eastern states with an unpredictable victories by achieving the BJP’s dream of step into those unturned states. RamMadhav who hails from East Godavari of Andhra Pradesh state is a known internal political stopper of Venkaiah Naidu in BJP party.

Ram Madhav became Narendra Modi’s confidante. The affability is evident for some time. He was one of the key member in driving the India Foundation along with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval’s son Shaurya Doval. Both Ram&Shaurya were deeply involved in planning Indian diaspora event during Modi’s foreign trips and public speeches.

All Venkaiah Naidu archenemies like Vidyasagar Rao, Somu Veer Raju, Purandhreswari, Kanna, Kavuri have been pulling their strings in Delhi with RamMadhav’s blessings and graces.

Venkaiah Naidu archenemies single point agenda in Delhi was convincing the top leaders of BJP that the party will not get strengthen in AP as long as Venkaiah Naidu plays an active role in politics. They  convinced Amit shah with relevant proofs which showed how Naidu has not allowing BJP cadres to grow by having close association with TDP leaders, Industrialists and bigshots who are having again close personal and business tie-up’s to TDP top brass people.

The same was reflected by BJP party cadre also during Amit shah recent visit to Vijayawada by showing placards with slogans that BJP should move out from alliance in the AP state with TDP which was against Venkaiah’s liking. Year a back itself there was indication to Naidu about his future role in Indian politics.

After getting that indication, Naidu tried to indicate to BJP Political duo by telling in various party and public meetings that he would like to be “USHAPATHY” (Her wife’s name USHA and PATHI named as a Husband) than “UPARASTRAPATHY”.

The BJP central party kept quiet until the polling in the presidential election came to a final stage. It is much humiliating situation to Naidu to be VP when Kovind is president. Kovind is by far rank junior to him in politics and parliamentary life. But Amit Shah created such an environment where Naidu cannot go against the party’s parliamentary board decision.

Besides AP BJP leaders with support of RamMadhav, Arun Jaitley and Y S Chowdary played their own roles due to their vested interests. After Naidu getting the Information & Broadcasting portfolio he has become proactive in media and tried to create his own foot prints by dominating the political space. Hence he wanted Naidu to be side-lined by sending him as VP.

Y S Chowdary other Union Minister from NDA alliance party from AP TDP has his own interests in Delhi. He will be the only person from his community in the cabinet. Until now he is playing second fiddle to Naidu in Delhi. Now since Naidu will be elevated to constitutional post, NDA Convenor & AP CM CBN Naidu has to find better alternative force at Delhi as his other cabinet Minister Ashok Gajapathy Raju is not an active and instrumental in liaison person at Delhi.

Now here the real looser in CBN Naidu as there is no body with the stature of Venkaiah Naidu who can able to help him at the centre. It is Naidu who was key player in getting all the projects cleared at centre and getting funds for AP Development. Now nobody except Y S Chowdary to do liaising at Delhi. Y S Chowdary will be more interested in his personal business interests than state interests. Of late Y S Chowdary developed personal rapport with Arun Jaitley for his own interests.

AP state is the biggest loser after Naidu becomes VP as he cannot play proactive role in dealing with centre. Now there will be huge changed in the AP BJP party hierarchy also. As Naidu’s close aid Vishakapatnam MP Hari Babu couldn’t be changed though his term expired long back. Now the rumour agog with either GangaRaju or Somu Veerraju may become bjp AP chief. Another Leader Mrs Purandeshwari name also under active consideration according to Delhi BJP sources.

Lead : Although the news of Venkaiah Naidu being selected as a Vice President candidate from NDA, it has been received by the people with mixed reaction.

# My view as a political analyst and strategist belongs from south India.