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NO more A for Apple from now, read A for Arjun or B for Balaram in THIS school

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 02, Nov 2022, 17:24 pm IST | UPDATED: 02, Nov 2022, 17:29 pm IST

NO more A for Apple from now, read A for Arjun or B for Balaram in THIS school

The first step for children to learn to recognize English letters is 'A for apple', 'B for ball'. But in Uttar Pradesh the language of that well-known book has changed. 'Arjun' is substituted for 'apple' in a school's book teaching children English letters. Not Ball, from now on the kids will learn B for 'Balarama'. Chanakya's name has been placed instead of cat for alphabet C. All 26 letters of the English alphabet are thus identified with the names of Puranas or historical figures of India.

Aminabad Inter College, Lucknow has done this 'change' of the English alphabet in children's books. The objective is to spread awareness among children about the history and mythology of the country from an early age. By using English letters, the school authorities wanted to make the children know the various characters of the country's history and mythology. In this case, D represents Dhruva, E represents Ekalavya, I represents Indra and H represents Hanuman.

The principal of that college in Lucknow, Mr. Lal Mishra said, "Students have very little idea about Indian culture. So we have taken this initiative to increase their knowledge. But since the number of characters in Hindi is very large, it takes more time to prepare its list."

Children's books contain not only the names of mythological and historical characters, but also descriptions of them. The list and description is prepared by the school itself. This school in Lucknow is 125 years old. The school was established in 1897. In the children's book, such initiative of the school becomes a point of discussion now.