Friday, Dec 08th 2023
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PM Narendra Modi's Mega Bilateral Outreach Amid G20

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 08, Sep 2023, 16:16 pm IST | UPDATED: 08, Sep 2023, 16:16 pm IST

PM Narendra Modi's Mega Bilateral Outreach Amid G20

New Delhi: During the upcoming G20 summit weekend, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to engage in a series of bilateral meetings with over 15 world leaders from Friday to Sunday. Official sources have confirmed that on Friday, Prime Minister Modi will host bilateral discussions at his official residence with the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Additionally, he will hold a meeting with the leader of Mauritius.

On Saturday, PM Narendra Modi's agenda includes bilateral meetings with the leaders of the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and Italy, all while actively participating in various G20 events. Sunday will see PM Modi convening a working lunch meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, further enhancing diplomatic relations.

In addition to these formal meetings, the prime minister will also have a pull-aside meeting with his Canadian counterpart. Further bilateral meetings are scheduled with the leaders of Comoros, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, the European Union/European Commission, Brazil, and Nigeria. This flurry of diplomatic engagements underscores India's active role on the global stage and its commitment to fostering international cooperation and partnership.

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