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Israel Reiterates 'War Zone' Stand On Gaza

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 04, Nov 2023, 18:19 pm IST | UPDATED: 04, Nov 2023, 18:19 pm IST

Israel Reiterates 'War Zone' Stand On Gaza

The Israel-Hamas war will complete one month on November 7 but both sides are not willing to take a step back. While the war continues, civilians trapped in Gaza are suffering due to the conflict. However, there seems no end to the war as the Hamas terrorists have devised a strategy to trap Israeli Defence Forces in Gaza. On the other hand, Israel has reiterated its claim that northern Gaza is a war zone and urged civilians to vacate.

"A Hamas terrorist cell was identified using an ambulance. In response, an IAF aircraft struck and neutralized the Hamas terrorists, who were operating within the ambulance. We emphasize that this area in Gaza is a war zone. Civilians are repeatedly called upon to evacuate southward for their own safety," said the Israeli Air Force.

According to a Reuters report, Hamas is ready for a long war in the Gaza Strip. They are also confident of holding Israel's advance long enough to force them to agree to a ceasefire. The report said that Hamas has stockpiled weapons, missiles, food and medical supplies to help its thousands of fighters survive for months in tunnels.

Hamas is also hoping for the release of thousands of prisoners in Israel in exchange for hostages. On the other hand, the United States is making efforts for the release of hostages held by Hamas militants in Gaza.

The conflict started when Hamas militants killed 1,400 people and took more than 240 others hostage in an October 7 assault in Israel. The Israeli military then launched counter-air strikes, a ground assault and imposed a siege on Gaza. According to the Gaza health officials, over 9,250 Palestinians have been killed so far in the counter-offensive by Israel.

The IDF has also claimed to have found some tunnels used by Hamas but it's not clear whether the tunnel is a trap as militants still may be waiting for the Israeli soldiers inside. Meanwhile, while Hamas has continued to fire rockets at Israel, the Israeli Air Force also struck many targets in Gaza.

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