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Congress Wants To Contest On 290 Seats Independently

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 01, Jan 2024, 17:29 pm IST | UPDATED: 01, Jan 2024, 17:29 pm IST

Congress Wants To Contest On 290 Seats Independently

New Delhi: In a strategic move, the Congress party has decided to independently contest elections on approximately 290 seats in the upcoming 2024 polls. The decision comes after a consensus was reached during the two-day meeting of the Alliance Committee held on December 29 and 30, said sources.

The committee, responsible for orchestrating alliance strategies, will formally submit its comprehensive report to Congress President Kharge. In anticipation of this, Kharge has scheduled a crucial meeting on January 4, where he will convene with all state presidents and CLP (Congress Legislative Party) leaders to finalize the seat-sharing arrangement.

The report indicates that the Congress party is inclined to ask for 85 seats from its alliance partners across India. This move is aimed at creating a collaborative and formidable front for the upcoming elections.

Post the internal discussion, Congress plans to engage in further negotiations with its alliance partners to solidify the seat-sharing agreements. The party aims to foster a united front that maximizes its electoral prospects while accommodating the interests and strengths of each alliance member.

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