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PM Modi Attacks INDIA Alliance In Tamil Nadu

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 27, Feb 2024, 17:49 pm IST | UPDATED: 27, Feb 2024, 17:49 pm IST

PM Modi Attacks INDIA Alliance In Tamil Nadu

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Tamil Nadu for the closing ceremony of the 'En Mann Ek Makkal' padayatra in Tiruppur was marked by a fiery speech in which he took a swipe at the opposition INDIA alliance in the state. Attacking the opposition alliance, the PM highlighted the fear among those who have allegedly exploited the state for decades, stating, "So those who have looted the state for decades are scared of the increasing power of the BJP (in the state)."

Hitting out at the INDIA alliance said, "Those who sit in air-conditioned rooms in Delhi and want to divide the country, should come here and see that Tamil Nadu will decide India's future. Those who make political equations should note that Tamil Nadu will be at the forefront of deciding India's future.PM Modi reiterated the BJP's commitment to Tamil Nadu's progress, despite not being in power in the state. "Even though the BJP has not been in power in Tamil Nadu, the state has always been in the heart of the BJP. All my Tamil brothers and sisters understand this and are aware of it. So those who have looted the state for decades are scared of the increasing power of the BJP (in the state).

Addressing a public rally in Palladam, PM Modi emphasized the significant contribution of the Centre to Tamil Nadu's development over the past decade, asserting, "When Modi works, he works for everyone." The Prime Minister projected Tamil Nadu as a pivotal centre of developmental politics in the upcoming 2024 elections, emphasizing the significance of the recently concluded 'En Mann Ek Makkal' padayatra as a testament to the state's potential for historic change.

Expressing his reverence for Tamil culture and language, PM Modi recalled his efforts to promote Tamil heritage globally, including his participation in the Kashi Tamil Sangamam in Varanasi and the installation of the 'Sengol' in Parliament. He underscored the emotional bond he shares with Tamil Nadu, dating back to the commencement of the Ekta Yatra from Kanyakumari in 1991.

In a multilingual speech, PM Modi addressed various aspects of governance and development, debunking opposition criticisms and highlighting the BJP's vision for inclusive growth. He emphasized the importance of good governance, quality education, and healthcare, praising the achievements of the BJP-led government.

The Prime Minister's visit to Tamil Nadu was not only marked by political rhetoric but also by significant developmental initiatives aimed at bolstering the state's economy. During his visit, PM Modi launched two major initiatives to support MSMEs in the automotive sector, underscoring the government's commitment to fostering self-reliance and integration into global value chains.

Additionally, PM Modi inaugurated projects aimed at enhancing port infrastructure, promoting green energy, and improving connectivity through rail and road projects. These initiatives are expected to generate employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and facilitate sustainable development in Tamil Nadu.

PM Modi's visit to Tamil Nadu served as a platform to reaffirm the BJP's dedication to the state's progress and to showcase the government's commitment to inclusive development and good governance. As the political landscape heats up ahead of the 2024 elections, Tamil Nadu emerges as a focal point for transformative change and vibrant political discourse.

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