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Bhojshala Temple Or Kamal Maula Mosque? ASI Team Continues Survey

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 24, Mar 2024, 13:51 pm IST | UPDATED: 24, Mar 2024, 13:51 pm IST

Bhojshala Temple Or Kamal Maula Mosque? ASI Team Continues Survey New Delhi: The survey at the Bhojshala complex in the Dhar district continued for the second consecutive day on Saturday. The survey commenced at 8 am and concluded at 5:30 pm. The ASI survey adhered to a scientific approach, employing modern archaeological techniques.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is leading the survey and conducted under the direction of the Madhya Pradesh High Court. Ashish Goyal, representing the Hindu Front for Justice and a petitioner in the case, said, "They are doing the survey efficiently throughout the day using carbon dating, GPS technology, GPR technology. They conducted the survey inside as well as outside throughout the 50-meter stretch, as instructed by the court.

Goyal underlined the Hindu perspective, asserting the Bhojshala complex as the temple of Ma Saraswati. Being optimistic, Goyal expects a favorable outcome from the ASI survey.  Ashish Goyal also emphasized that the survey is being conducted meticulously in accordance with the court's directives. 

However, Abdul Samad, representing the Muslim side, disagrees with the high court's decision to conduct a new survey. "This survey was not necessary as a similar exercise had been conducted previously and the report is in the public domain. We are against this new survey, as several new things have started here since the last survey. There have been some changes to the monument as well. We have already voiced our misgivings over these changes," the petitioner told ANI.

"Seeing such changes and new activities in the complex, we moved the high court urging that if they allow such movement (of people from the Hindu community) inside the monument, they should lay down proper guidelines on things that could be carried inside," he added.

Recently, the Madhya Pradesh High Court permitted the ASI survey at the disputed Bhojshala Temple-Kamal Maula Mosque complex in the Dhar district. The order emphasized the statutory duty of the ASI to undertake such surveys. 

The court's order outlined the mandate for a thorough investigation by a five-member committee of the ASI to ascertain the true nature of the complex, while specifying that decisions regarding worship rights would be made after receiving the committee's report.

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