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Exit Polls 2024: Have You Heard Sidhu Moose Wala's Song 295? Rahul Gandhi Predicts INDIA Bloc's Seats

By Fnf correspondent | PUBLISHED: 02, Jun 2024, 17:44 pm IST | UPDATED: 06, Jun 2024, 0:03 am IST

Exit Polls 2024: Have You Heard Sidhu Moose Wala's Song 295? Rahul Gandhi Predicts INDIA Bloc's Seats New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday referred to Punjabi singer Siddhu Moosewala's '295 track' to reply to the number of seats the INDIA bloc will win in the Lok Sabha polls. While in conversation with reporters in Delhi, on being asked about the number of seats the INDIA bloc would win in the Lok Sabha polls, Rahul Gandhi jokingly replied, "Sidhu Moose Wala ka song suna hai aapne?" (Have you heard Sidhu Moose Wala's song) referring to "295"; he replied 295 seats.Further, speaking on the exit polls, the Congress leader said, "It is not exit poll, it is Modi media poll. It is his fantasy poll.

Congress today held a meeting with the party's Lok Sabha candidates to discuss the strategy for counting day on June 4. After the meeting, Congress general secretary KC Venugopal said, "We have discussed with our PCC presidents, CMs, in-charges and candidates, they are all very confident. This exit poll is a bogus poll for the government. INDIA alliance will get 295 seats and certainly form the government.

Notably, the INDIA bloc delegation will meet the Election Commission today at 4:30 pm at Nirvachan Sadan in New Delhi. Earlier today, Jairam Ramesh rejected the Exit Poll projections and termed them as a "Psychological game.

The outgoing PM, the person who will have to leave for sure on June 4 has conspired all these things and has managed the exit polls. There will be a huge difference in exit polls and results of June 4. INDIA alliance had a meeting yesterday, we did detailed discussions on numbers, it's impossible that INDIA alliance will get anything below 295, " Congress Rajya Sabha MP Jairam Ramesh said.

According to India Today-Axis My India exit polls, NDA is predicted to win 361-401 seats in the Lok Sabha polls. The INDIA bloc is expected to win 131-166 seats, it said and gave 8 to 20 seats to other parties.
The Republic PMarq exit poll gave 359 of 543 seats to NDA, 154 to INDIA bloc and 30 to others. Republic Matrize poll gave 353-368 seats to NDA, 118-113 to the INDIA bloc and 43-48 to others. The NewsX Dynamics gave 371 seats to NDA, 125 to INDIA bloc and 47 to others. 

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