Wednesday, May 27th 2020
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Indian Railways announced that it has cancelled all tickets booked to travel on or before June 30th, 2020. Refunds have been given to all tickets booked till the date, th...

by : FnF Correspondent

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday rolled out the final tranche of the Rs 20 lakh crore economic package that was announced by Prime Minister in the wake of Co...

by : FnF Correspondent

During the lockdown students confined to their home find that it is taking a toll on their mental health. Universities across the country have launched helplines to couns...

by : FnF Correspondent

Odisha's Battle Against COVID and Amphan Cyclone and its Demand for Special Focus Status for Eastern States Merits Commendation

by : Satya Narayana Sahu

While spearheading freedom struggle Mahatma Gandhi was so agonised by the havoc wrought on Odisha due to recurrent natural disasters and famines that he painfully described it as "a land of tears and...

Did You Know India Has Highest Taxes On Petrol And Diesel Globally

by : FnF Correspondent

Keeping your car's tyres properly inflated is another important point as it is after the only contact point between your car and the road. Maintaining correct tyre pressure is very important in i...

Bryan Adams Apologises For Racist Coronavirus

by : FnF Correspondent

Canadian rock star Bryan Adams has apologised for his racist rant after the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to cancel gigs that were planned in the current season. Adams had used slurs such as "bat eati...


US Records Highest Single-Day Death Toll With 1,480 Deaths

by : FnF Correspondent

As Covid 19 virus hotspots kept shifting globally from China to Italy and then the United States, it has been reported that the US saw its single largest deaths with nearly 1,480 people died fighting ...

UN Chief Guterres Warns Of Losing COVID-19 ?

by : FnF Correspondent

United Nations: While UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has told the Group of 20 (G20) leaders on Thursday, "We are at war with a virus -- and not winning," UN entities around the world are unrele...

US: Trump Impeached By House Of Representatives For Abuse Of Power

by : FnF Correspondent

The Democrat-led US House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to approve the impeachment against US President Donald Trump, agencies reported.In a historic action , which has divided the nation and ...


Auto Expo 2020: MG3 Hatchback Swift

by : FnF Correspondent

It is sold in the United Kingdom as the the most affordable MG hatchback and in India it could be Rs 5-8 lakhs for the top-end version. The MG3 is small but nearly same size as other hatchbacks....

Apple iPhones Get Costly In India After Import

by : FnF Correspondent

Apple has increased the price of some of its high-end iPhone models in India owing to an increase in customs duty on imported mobile phones and chargers along with social welfare surcharge in the Unio...

Yes Bank Stock Crashes Over 70% After RBI Takes Charge

by : FnF Correspondent

Shares of Yes Bank crashed by 74 percent on Friday morning, a day after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said it is superseding the board of troubled private sector lender with immediate effect.The pri...


How India Fights Covid-19 Pandemic

by : FnF Correspondent

On May 11, 1998, India had successfully conducted 5 nuclear tests marking the first National Technology Day. Today, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic we remember all the technological support we ...

Akshay Kumar Clarifies He 'Liked' Video Mocking Attack On Jamia Students

by : FnF Correspondent

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar on Monday took to Twitter to clarify that he had earlier "accidentally" liked a tweet by Jamia Millia Islamia University students. Even...

'Indo-Georgian cultural fest' amazes with shared common cultures

by : FnF Correspondent

Society for All Round Development and Georgia based NGO, Cultural Diversity for Peaceful future, organized an`Indo-Georgian cultural fest' in Delhi. The festival was first of its kind as youth an...


Rishi Kapoor Death: Here Are 10 Lesser Known

by : FnF Correspondent

Delhi: The iconic actor Rishi Kapoor who was dubbed as 'the chocolate boy' has been charming audiences for decades. Sadly, the veteran actor died this morning in Mumbai. He was admitted in S...

Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship REVIEW

by : FnF Correspondent

Vicky Kaushal fans might just be disappointed. They waited over a year for a new film post the blockbuster "Uri", and the outcome doesn't seem worth it. Whyever Vicky opted for an assembly-line h...

Extraction Movie REVIEW

by : FnF Correspondent

Thor of all things Hollywood comes to India -- to Bangladesh strictly, going by the script. But because it's Ahmedabad being passed off as Dhaka, we'll gleefully go with the idea of "Extract...


WHO: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public

by : FnF Correspondent

Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, available on the WHO website and through your national and local public health authority. Most people who become infected experience mild...

What Are COVID-19 Symptoms, When To Seek Medical Attention & How To Stay Safe

by : FnF Correspondent

Delhi: Amid the rapid spread of coronavirus cases around the globe, countries are closing their borders and are putting citizens under lockdown in a bid to contain the infection. The pandemic has pose...

Corona Thoughts It's Impact & Cure

by : Anil Kumar Rai

Corona virus has taught us many lessons and one key lesson that every illness doesn't have a pill. This always true that prevention is better than cure and prevention is possible only when you k...

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Delhi Riots2020: Nero Fiddled While Rome Burnt

by : Priti Prakash

Nero fiddled while Rome burnt. Exactly what happened on the 23 of February when the President of Uni...

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Naveen Patnaik's appeal to men not to increase household work of women during the lock down period embodies Mahatma Gandhi's Vision

by : Satya Narayan Sahu

On 6th day of all India lock down to counter alarming spread of corona virus and remedy COVID19 Odis...

Conduct Rules for whom?

by : Rajeshwar Singal

This may sound like a dilemma, but it is not far from truth. Conduct Rules are meant to govern condu...

Food and Dissent: How food is related to sustainability and climate change

by : Sunita Narain

The idea of secularism is this very idea of India which respects the equality of all. Of course, wit...

Common Man and Judicial System

by : Ravi Kishore

Today every one is talking about judicial accountability i.e. how the whole system of judiciary is t...