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News world over, revolves around a face. It could be a person, a place, any happening or an event. Identification of the central face is key to understanding the news or its update. is a unique news and views website that presents the faces and the facts associated with it to its readers. The design gives an all encompassing feel of a newspaper, a magazine and a journal, all clubbed into one.

With our editorial expertise we promise to bring to our readers best from the entire web world, from segment that are defined as Politics, Health, Business, Tourism, Human interest, Ecomony, Science & Technology, World news, Entertainment, Bizzare and other topics of general interest, so that our readers may get all information under one roof. Instead of emphasising on exclusive and 'Breaking' news FacenFacts takes its readers into the inside of the story with details. 

The website also has regular informative columns, articles and features written by established writers and journalists. The site gets updated on a daily basis and targets the high & mighty, the intellectuals and elites who not only are the news makers but also for those who possess an insatiable hunger for news, information and entertainment.

The site also has a Hindi version catering the need of the huge hindi readership.

Who We Are:

FacenFacts is an endeavour of Dream Press Consultants LLP (DPC), owned and run by a diverse group of media professionals who are committed to providing complete media solutions and other specialized consultancy services to its clientele. DPC was formed in the year 2008 & provides single window solutions to complex media challenges. Recognizing the huge opportunities existing in the communication arena, DPC extended its core competence into digital media vertical that are customized to cater to the various challenges and needs the modern world throws at us.

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The murky road to Election 2024, full 10 years

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The verdict of 2024 election by the people of our great country was a one that will be remembered in...

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