Sunday, Jan 22nd 2017
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01, Jan 2017, by : FnF desk
Smile mail , a daily audio clips service to make a cheese smile is now available on and it's subsidiary organisation in Hindi In coming days ahead all the past issues of smile mail will be available on both websites.

01, Jan 2017, by : FnF desk
Dear All, Dream Press group in association with PSMT present's a new experiment with life to make an innocent smile with Muskan mail and team AIG. Have a look. At present we are just doing experiments, so you may find errors, difficulties and challenges too many but we are ready to resolve the problems. So make few clicks and open the file with cheese smile.

05, Dec 2016, by : Mpathak
Smile mail 3 is ready to make it's presence. Wish you all goodluck.

05, Dec 2016, by : Mpathak
Its second part of Smile mail. listen it. It will make you happy

05, Dec 2016, by : Mpathak
Smile mail is making it's entry on worldwideweb via facenfacts. Now listen it to be happy.

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