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Terror or faith, its a warning

by Priti Prakash | PUBLISHED: Jan 25, 2016, 9:42 am IST

Priti Prakash
Priti Prakash
There are good times and bad times. Good times when there is peace, development, brotherhood, prosperity and bad when the very existence is threatened and peace cries.

Apart from the other problems we fight with on a mundane basis like poverty, hunger, deprivation, racism, diseases, social inequality and many more evils, the problem of a more serious kind that is starkly and immediately staring into our faces today is of terrorism. Threatening the peaceful coexistance of people in the world are the terror outfits swearing allegiance to murderers and killer. Hypocrites that call themselves the guardians of their beliefs and religious institutions. Where are we really heading to!!

This time its not the nuclear bomb that destroyed Japan or some natural disaster that we cannot predict or some curse that might finish the human race. Its the one-upmanship of man in its extreme form. The greed to own earth, the instinct of controlling the world with and by force and importantly with the excuse of religion and false sense of belief. The strongest of nations are feeling threatened, have pulled up their socks to gear up to fight the potential threat of IS. Started with the mother of all attacks from the downing of the World Tower in America the whole world is feeling the heat. France was the latest victim, any other country could be the next. Indonesia as other East Asian countries have already been the targets of terror attacks. India with its major minority population and diverse ethnicity is a easy fertile ground for anti national forces.

The worrisome aspect is the lure of youth into such hedonistic activity which is thriving in the name of belief or religion. Young people from across the globe are joining the rank and file of IS, educated, aware but brainwashed into dying for a cause that they are hypnotised to be followers of. The IS has turned out to be a global umbrella for the disgruntled local causes as well. So the threat multiplies as our security stems from global forces in addition to the respective regional forces.       

A sense of insecurity has made a mark in the most powerful countries of the world. America along with France and Russia have sworn finishing of IS. Though oil being IS's major source of funding through some countries, Middle East is divided on its support to IS. Politics in the region has changed since the rise of ISIS. Syria had always been fighting the militant outfits with hundreds of innocents and government forces being brutally massacred by IS. With years of opposition to Assad rule the US now thinks good in changing its strategy to support Assad to fight the ISIS if it wants to finish this biggest emerging threat to the world. Ironically large swaths of land have been occupied by ISIS in Syria and Iraq where they have declared a Caliphat, much disputed by the Arab world.

To counter this threat the need of the hour is to first stop its advance and growth. With the most advanced technologies available with the powers that be there is an urgent need of international cooperation in fighting terror unitedly. This is probably the first time that the world seems one and in totality fighting one enemy in the form of ISIS. Intelligence gathering should be enhanced to the most sophisticated level to counter IS effectively. This can be facilitated with equally sophisticated use of technology. The source of funding that is the oil sale should be embargoed and sealed. Arms flow should be identified and cut off.  

IS has its eyes on India too which is doubly worrisome for us. Indian territory of Kashmir has seen waving of IS flags recurrently. Youth from southern states have been caught getting radicalised. These incidents are good enough reasons for us to be highly alert to this virus called IS. India as it is has a neighbour that has been perpetually troublesome. An importer of terror themselves, a rogue state. Its double trouble now.   

Recently again links of terror modules have been unearthed that were waiting as sleeper cells to unleash hundreds of death and unimaginable destruction as is being done since years. In recent cases where our intelligence agencies were successful in unearthing the plan of attacks, with help from US, Saudi Arabia and some others were a sign that the world is sensing a common enemy and is getting together to finish it. Afterall who knows terrorism better than India.
Priti Prakash
Priti Prakash

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