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Prostitute jailed for reporting rape by Pakistanis

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 30, May 2011, 13:09 pm IST | UPDATED: 30, May 2011, 13:09 pm IST

Prostitute jailed for reporting rape by Pakistanis Dubai: In a bizarre case, a Filipina prostitute, who visited a police station to report a rape by a Pakistani, has been jailed for six months, the Gulf News reported.

The woman, 23, went to a police station in Dubai in December to report the assault but the police instead of taking action on her complaint arrested her for "immorality offences" and was held in prison for five months.

The human rights raised her issue fearing that the treatment meted to her could deter other women from reporting sexual violence.

"Although she may have engaged in prostitution, it does not necessarily mean that men can take advantage of her," said Nhel Morona, the secretary general of Migrante UAE, a rights group for foreign workers.

A consular official who attended the hearing yesterday said the woman would be transferred to the Dubai Central Jail this week.

The consulate reported that she was being held on "immorality offences" ground. She was later convicted of prostitution charges.

The woman said a Pakistani man she met at a party had offered her a ride to another party and when they reached the venue, no one else was there and he raped her.

Another Pakistani posing as a policeman arrived and asked for her identification papers. She was then raped second time, she alleged.