Lady teacher fired for classroom sex romp

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PUBLISHED: Jan 09, 2011, 16:09 pm IST | UPDATED: Jan 09, 2011, 16:10 pm
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Lady teacher fired for classroom sex romp New York: A James Madison High School teacher has been fired after a janitor caught her naked from the waist up with a female co-worker in 2009.

What looked like a scene from a porn flick was really a medical emergency, the naughty teachers at Brooklyn''s "Horndog High" told investigators.

Alini Brito said she was getting an insulin shot from co-worker Cindy Mauro when a janitor saw her naked with another nude teacher kneeling between her legs.

Brito's excuse was part of testimony released this week from a state arbitrator''s report on the scandal. The 30-year-old Spanish teacher was fired after city officials received the report on Dec. 27.

The "Horndog High" saga began Nov. 20, 2009, while students were attending a sing-and-dance competition in the auditorium. While witnesses said they saw a romantic tryst, the teachers tried to explain all the evidence away as a misunderstanding.

Brito, a diabetic, told investigators she started feeling ill and asked her French teacher colleague to "check her blood sugar," according to the report, reports the New York Daily News.

"Let''s go upstairs," Mauro said, according to the report.

"I have sugar and candy in my room."

By the time they got to Mauro''s classroom on the third floor, Brito said her "knees got weak," so she lay down on the floor.

Brito took off her sweater and Mauro placed it under her colleague''s head, Brito said in the report, then Mauro put a chair under Brito''s legs "to aid her circulation."

Brito said Mauro was kneeling next to her with the lights off when the janitor popped in. Mauro was fully clothed, Brito told investigators.

The janitor, who said he saw two topless women rolling around on the floor, summoned school safety officer Ruth Reyes.

She described what she saw in Room 337 quite differently.

"[Brito] was naked on the floor... and I saw the blond between her legs, and when I opened the door, she looked up and told me to shut the door," Reyes told investigators.

By the time Assistant Principal Jodie Cohen got to the room minutes later, she saw Brito "leaning against the teacher''s desk... and she seemed to be, like, zippering her boot and finishing buttoning her shirt."

The testimony was enough for state arbitrator Mary Crangle to rule it was "more likely than not" the teachers were in the middle of "a sexual encounter."

Both teachers were reassigned after the 2009 scandal. Mauro is still awaiting disciplinary action.
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