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Bigg Boss 6: Is Salman biased! 75 per cent people think so

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 10, Jan 2013, 14:00 pm IST | UPDATED: 11, Jan 2013, 11:41 am IST

Bigg Boss 6: Is Salman biased! 75 per cent people think so New Delhi: According to the results of a poll conducted, 75 per cent people believe that Salman Khan, the host of Bigg Boss 6, unnecessarily favours a couple of housemates, and thus is believed to be unfair on the show.

In the poll we asked people that "Is Salman Khan biased towards a few contestants on the show?" We got a spate of votes, and the poll results might be surprising for most of you, as more than 75 per cent (figures at the time of posting this report) of the Bigg Boss 6 viewers believe that Salman's behaviour is biased towards a few contestants.

Though the report might come as a shocker for the Dabang Khan fans, but the avid fans of Bigg Boss 6 can fathom the reasons of such a result.

Many a time, Salman was seen giving unneeded attention to Rajev, Sana, and Urvashi, while on the other hand, he has been observed behaving rudely with Imam after a tiff between the two on the show. The spat happened when Imam disagreed with Salman during an episode and said "Time Out" (meaning your time is over) to Salman. Post that incident, Salman has been seen behaving impolitely with Imam.

With regard to Delnaaz and Rajev's relation that legally ended last year, Salman was seen taking an active interest. Instead of avoiding discussions about their relation on the national television, he was seen digging out details of their broken marriage. Not only this, but he was seen suggesting Rajev not to run after Delnaz, as she looked totally disinterested in reconciling with Rajev.

As a host, it does not suit him to intrude into someone's personal life. A host should not behave in such a careless manner. His unneeded suggestions to Rajev brings to light his sexist approach. The evicted housemate Sapna Bhavnani has already said in an interview that Salman Khan is a male chauvinist. Sapna said, "Salman is a sexist and he encouraged acts of male contestants like Rajev, Vishal and Santosh Shukla, which (as a host) he should have condemned." She also added, "many times during the show, he was seen talking rudely to women especially, Aashka and Delnaaz."

Besides, Salman was seen grilling housemates every Friday - scolding them for their wrong behaviour and advising them for their betterment. But he simply skipped the most abusive fight that took place between Imam and Rajev. He neither advised Rajev to apologise for his abusive words, nor he discussed about the fight.

As a host, he should have raised the issue, because Rajev's remark were quite personal and in bad taste. He had called Imam a eunuch, and then later abused him saying teri Maa**C***. Where was Salman then, who said in an interview, "I watch every episode (of Bigg Boss 6) of the week. I catch the repeat most of the times as well since I sleep late. I'm very involved in whatever I do whether it's a show, movie or whatever." Where was he when this fight happened between the two?

After his tiff with Imam, Salman's behaviour towards Imam has totally changed. I am not of the opinion that what Imam has done in the house till now is correct, but as a host one needs to be fair, no matter how good or bad a contestant is. A host should not get personal.

Most of the time, we see contestants conversing in English with Salman, and he welcomes their opinion (in Engligh only). But when it comes to Imam, Salman either switches over to the next contestant, or interrupts him in the middle of his speech, which simply means brushing off someone's views.

The unnecessary favour by Salman to Sana and Urvashi was also observed during the show. His tone totally changes, his listening power increases, when he talks to them.

Even when Sampat was inside the house, Salman looked totally disinterested in listening to her. You can go back to the previous episodes and observe yourself. For sometime, Salman was even seen not talking to Sapna on Fridays. If a contestant was fumed for some or the other reason, it is the responsibility of a host to bring things back to the normal.