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Naked graf-fitties show off their bizarre body art

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 30, Jan 2013, 19:26 pm IST | UPDATED: 30, Jan 2013, 19:26 pm IST

Naked graf-fitties show off their bizarre body art LA: Graffiti artists are taking their spray cans indoors - and using naked women as a canvas.Instead of railway bridges and abandoned buildings, wannabe Banksys are daubing their designs on bare bums, breasts and other body parts.

According to the report, the bizarre artform has quickly become an internet phenomenon - with thousands of artists and models showing off their creativity on website

Some are simply tags on nude legs and backs - while others are more detailed and elaborate designs, that decorate the model's entire body.

The tattoos are all temporary - artists use spray paint instead of permanent ink.But Shriiimp founder Vince Prawns insists body graffiti is here to stay.

He said: "The trend is big. There’s now an enormous community of people around the world posting pictures of themselves online.

“Some of professional models and artist whiles others are the ”girl next door” types who just want to give it a try.

“There are big risks when you do graffiti on the street, but adding your tag to a girl is much nicer - it’s all soft and curvy."

While most of the photos are risque, Vince admits many are too X-rated to feature on his website.

He added: "We get many from girls that are simply too rude, and we’ve had to reject them."