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Sahadev Sahoo: Writer who reads life

By fnf correspondent | PUBLISHED: 19, Feb 2011, 18:51 pm IST | UPDATED: 20, Feb 2011, 11:45 am IST

Sahadev Sahoo: Writer who reads life

Born on 10 January,1959, Shri Sahadev Sahoo's first story was published in 1975. That was his first year in the college.He is a Post Graduate and an M Phil in history. He is an avid reader his special interest being painting and music He is an officer of Orissa Administrative Service and currently Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Cuttack.


Sulekha Samman, 1998

Bisuv Jhankar Galpa Puraskar 2009

His Work's

1. Aparanhara Bhutta     Short Story Collection   1999   

2. Chakrabyuha    Short Story Collection  2000   

3. Nija Batare Nije    Short Story Collection   2002   

4. Kasatandira Swapna    Novel  2004   

5. Dryushyara Antarale   Short Story Collection  2006   

6. Lata, Pramoda and Anyamane  Short Story Collection  2007

7. Nilajanhara Rati  Short Story Collection  2008 

8. Aama Pakhalokamane  Short Story Collection  2010 

9. Satasakalara Swara  Collection of three novels   2010   

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