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Spotify data proves teens much cooler than elders

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 14, May 2015, 14:20 pm IST | UPDATED: 14, May 2015, 15:08 pm IST

Spotify data proves teens much cooler than elders Washington: Spotify data has proved assumptions about taste in music that teens are far more cool than their elders in their music preferences.

According to the Verge, Ajay Kalia of Spotify includes the data and helpful charts in a blog post called "'Music was better back then': When do we stop keeping up with popular music?"

As part of the enrollment process for most music services, the user is asked for demographic data, including gender and year-of-birth and this is where the age data come from.

The blog post compared the individual listening data from US Spotify users and combines that with Echo Nest artist popularity data to generate a metric for the average popularity of the artists a listener streamed in 2014.

According to the data, Kalia found teens listen to the most popular music.

Also, men's listening of mainstream music declines faster than that of women and people with kids listen to popular music less regularly than someone their age without kids.

The top artists for the average 64-year-old listener include a mix of currently popular artists along with a number of artists from years gone by. While the top artists for the average 13-year-old includes only the most current artists.

The post also has this chart, which is showing the spiral moving away from coolness with age.