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Trishna Singh's solo show of paintings titled 'Chitra'

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 02, Jan 2017, 18:25 pm IST | UPDATED: 02, Jan 2017, 18:30 pm IST

Trishna Singh's solo show of paintings titled 'Chitra' New Delhi: Delhi-based contemporary artist Trishna Singh’s solo show of paintings titled 'Chitra' that touches themes such as the architectural heritage and the diverse flora and fauna of the country to self expression through feminine forms, at 1 AQ, Main Roundabout, Mehrauli; from January 5th to 11th.

‘Chitra’, a solo show of over 50 oil and water colour paintings by young, contemporary artist Trishna Singh. The exhibition offers a glimpse of Trishna’s journey of self expression through her depiction of the feminine form, the architectural heritage of India and the wilderness of flora and fauna in our country.

The exhibition explores the diverse array of her works over a period of six years. From 50 stretched oil on canvas artworks to over 40 watercolours on paper, ‘Chitra’ is about documentation of the female form and the celebration of nature through the artists’ tryst with life. Tigers, leopards, birds and the temples of India in all their glory have been juxtaposed with real life situations.  

Trishna’s art from the earlier years depicts the toil to understand the self through her celebration and depiction of the female form in abstract strokes.  An exploration of the form and psyche of the feminine, these paintings too have nature at their core, the nourisher of everything that lives.

The style is free and experimental and the colours vary with Trishna’s musings-- from vibrant, lively shades to the more subdued monochromes depicting the many layers of human nature and thought process.

Says Trishna Singh who has completed her Bachelors of Art in Visual Communication Design Illustration from Middlesex University, “Painting is a medium that offers me an intimate and imaginative approach to understanding and interpreting the world around me.

" Having travelled extensively and experimented with various media of art like watercolour and oil paints I believe in story telling through my paintings and through this exhibition I hope to make the viewers a part of the narrative.”

Singh has also finished formal studies from Summer school at Parsons in Colour Theory and Oil Painting. After many exhibitions in the Capital and across India at reputed galleries like Lalit Kala Academy, Visual Arts Gallery, Arpana Caurs Gallery (represented by The Nirula Family Company) and New Delhi Nature Festival, the immensely talented Trishna Singh has many accolades to her name.

Inspired by her travels and experiences, her work has an autobiographical element, a reflection of her moods, and she sees the canvas as a place to unfold herself  -- the artist, the woman, the human.

Anubhav Nath, Curatorial Director, Ojas Art says, “Trishna’s work is relatable and soothing to the soul. She effortlessly travels from feminine form to crisp flora and fauna to the surreal regime. Her work of art is eccentric and her talent is limitless.”