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Ayodhya to Ramashwaram: Ram vangaman path yatra will cover 249 temple towns in 65 days, says Dr Ramavtar

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 08, Feb 2017, 16:42 pm IST | UPDATED: 10, Feb 2017, 18:07 pm IST

Ayodhya to Ramashwaram: Ram vangaman path yatra will cover 249 temple towns in 65 days, says Dr Ramavtar

New Delhi:  Shri Ram Sanskritik Shodh Sansthan Nyas is organizing a 65 Days journey from 09 February, 2017 to 13 April, 2017 from Ayodhya to Ramashwaram as 11th Shri Ram vangaman path yatra 2017.

Chief trustee of Nyas and chair person of Ramayan circuit Dr. Ram Avtar said today that a programme is organized on 09 Feb, 2017 at 08 am onwards at historic Hanuman mandir complex situated at Baba Khadk singh marg.

Dr. Ramavtar said that pilgrims will cover 249 temples, shrines and other places which have been researched and confirmed as the places associated with Shri Ram.  

Dr. Ramavtar said that trust is working since 1997 to find out these places but actually the research process took approx 40 years to determine these places.

He said that after three stage process one spot get finalized. In initial two stages research and confirmation take place while in the third stage mass awareness program take place to unite people for development of that place.

Dr. Ramavtar said that teerthyatri will cover UP, MP, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to offer their praying and worship. He said that 249 places will be covered during 65 day journey.

Dr. Ramavtar said that purpose of the journey is to make mass awareness.

1.     Discovery of remaining Shri Ram vangaman sthal.

2.     To find out the description of these places in scriptures and publish these effects in journals.

3.     Development of these places.

4.     To finalized place for column at these places.

5.     To finalized place for Shri Ram Vatika  at these places.

6.     To finalized place for temple construction if needed at these places.

7.     Demonstration, exhibition and play documentary film made by nyas.

8.     Literature distribution.  

9.     Publicity of these places at Local and national level through newspaper, Journals, radio, TV and other source of media.  

10.  To organized self help group to promote and development of each spot in remote areas.

11.  To establish committee at new places and strengthen older committees.

Dr. Ramavtar said that we need to organize Yatras to ensure.

1.     To conserve these historic places associated with Shri Ram.

2.     To map these places and ensure their presence in state and central Government’s tourism map.

3.     Easily road contact to reach these places.

4.     Make mass awareness about exiting melas and cultural festival associated with these places to promote development of the area.

5.     Several cultural activities and film demonstration will be organized in these melas to promote awareness about each places which will ensure fraternity among all Ram Bhakta.

6.     This will ensure a human chain of devotes of Ram throughout the country.  

Dr. Ramavtar said that in last 20 years nyas has worked day and night to make larger awareness.  

1.     249 places discovered between Ayodhya to Rameshwaram which are associated with exile of Shri Ram.

2.     41 places discovered between Ayodhya to Mithila via Vishwamitra sage ashram, Janakpur – Ayodhya which is associated as first journey of Shri Ram with Vishyamitra Muni During Treta Yuga.  

3.     Maps and books have been published based on research.

4.     Jahan Jahan pade Raghuvar ke and Jahan Jahan paga Dhare Ram ne documentary films were made and distributed.

5.     Official website of nyas has been established as  


7.     Shri Ram museum has been built in Chitrkut.

8.     Punya Bhumi Bharat project is under construction in Satna of madhyapradesh.  

9.     Shri Ram Charan Chinha made of marble have been established at 135 places.

10.  Maps have been installed at 270 places.

11.  Many Books have been published by nyas. Some of the books have been purchased by several organizations including External ministry of India and sent to different countries for promotion Indian culture and civilization.

12.  Brochures and maps have been distributed in large numbers.

Dr. Ramavtar said that 11th Shri Ram vangaman Yatra is being covered by media group Dream Press Consultants through their internet based News portal and On which daily news coverage will take place in English and Hindi. Anyone can log on to these websites for updates.

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