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Security at airports to be hassle-free but strong: CISF

By FnF Defence Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 08, Mar 2017, 11:31 am IST | UPDATED: 08, Mar 2017, 17:09 pm IST

Security at airports to be hassle-free but strong: CISF New Delhi: The CISF is working to make security processes at airports “simple and hassle-free” as it prepares to build an effective defence framework to thwart possible terror threats, including lone wolf attacks, at these facilities.

Addressing the annual press conference here on Tuesday on the occasion of its 48th Raising Day on March 10, CISF Director General O P Singh said the force was testing and analysing a plethora of smart gadgets like full body scanners and smart CCTVs to make air travel more “secure, safe and easy.”

He said the force has been mandated by the government to take over security duties of all civil airports of the country in the near future.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) presently guards 59 airports, including the most sensitive ones at Delhi and Mumbai, and at least 39 more are in the offing.

“We are witnessing rapid changes world over when it comes to security of places like airports or Delhi Metro, which is used by lakhs of people every day. We are working to enhance passenger experience and ensure some simple but engaging processes for security, especially at the airports,” Singh said.

He said the 1.45 lakh-strong force will “network and integrate” the security paraphernalia, including bolstering of manpower, and a concept paper or white paper to standardise security protocols of this sector is being prepared.

On being asked whether lone wolf attacks was a potential threat to airport security, Singh said, “All the security concerns like behavioural analysis and situational awareness, including the one you pointed out will be included in the concept paper.”

The CISF Director General said the force has written to airport operators and other government agencies to get bullet-proof and armoured vehicles for its quick reaction teams, stationed at these facilities for counter-terror tasks.

The force is provided with all gadgets, weapons and vehicles by the client firm or the entity where it is deployed.

Singh said the electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems deployed at large airports like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad are being analysed and fine-tuned to ensure fool proof security.

“Around 600-700 false alarms are given by this system in a year at certain locations,” he said, adding the force is consulting various stakeholders to get these machines function without an error.

“Such technical gadgets will not be used unless we are 100 per cent sure about them,” he said.

Singh said CISF was “experimenting” with various designs of full-body scanners at present so that they can be deployed at the airports at the earliest.