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In the 37th edition 'Mann Ki Baat': PM Modi praises soldiers in UN peacekeeping missions

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 29, Oct 2017, 11:43 am IST | UPDATED: 29, Oct 2017, 12:15 pm IST

In the 37th edition 'Mann Ki Baat': PM Modi praises soldiers in UN peacekeeping missions New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today via 'Mann ki Baat', during which he spoke of the contribution of India's braves to UN peacekeeping missions all over the world, the importance of sports, and the innovative ways people were contributing to Swachh Bharat.

This will be the 37th episode of Mann ki Baat. In the previous, 36th edition of Mann Ki Baat, which marked the third anniversary of the radio programme, PM Modi talked about the steps that his governemnt aimed to take to further his pet Swacch Bharat project.

PM Modi also expressed his gratitude for the success of Swacchata hi Sewa’ movement. He also wished the nation on the occasion of Navratras during his last address to the nation.

On Saturday Narendra Modi tweeted and urged people to join his radio programme by saying, ” Do join Mann Ki Baat tomorrow at 11 AM.” In his latest address, PM is expected to speak on the Indian economy.

Modi had also referred to the U-17 football World Cup event which India hosted for the very first time. Listeners can tune into AIR or can watch the live streaming of the entire programme in Youtube or TV channels.

Today's episode also comes amid an ongoing election cycle, with Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh readying to vote in new Assemblies this December. The prime minister, however, is unlikely to directly refer to the elections in the two states.

Here are the highlights from the 37th edition of the PM's monthly radio programme:

  •     Chhath Puja is about worshiping the nature. Sun and water are at the centre of Mahaparva Chhhath
  •     From the days of 'Khadi for Nation', we came to see 'Khadi for Fashion', and now the country is moving towards 'Khadi for Transformation'
  •     Khadi and handloom are empowering the poor by bringing positive and qualitative changes in their lives
  •     The entire nation salutes the courageous soldiers who, with their strong determination and acts of bravery, secure our borders and keep the nation safe. It was an honour for me that I got to spend Diwali with our brave jawans.
  •     Contribution of Indian forces to the UN peacekeeping operations have been immense. Our soldiers are not only safeguarding our country at the borders, but they play a vital role in the UN peacekeeping missions throughout the world.
  •     The UN Declaration of Human Rights is a testimony to India’s push for gender equality. A phrase in the declaration that used to be earlier read as “All men are born free and equal”, with efforts made by Hansa Mehta, was changed to “All humans are born free and equal”.
  •     India's role is not limited to just peacekeeping operations, but India is also training peacekeepers in about 85 countries. Being from this land of Mahatma Gandhi and Gautama Buddha, our brave peacekeepers have conveyed the message of peace and harmony around the world.
  •     India is the land of 'Vasudhiva Kutumbakam', which means the whole world is our family. It is because of this belief that India has been actively contributing to the vital initiatives led by the United Nations.
  •     India has always spread the message of peace, unity and goodwill. We believe that everyone should live in harmony and move towards building a better and peaceful tomorrow.
  •     The British not only ruled our country, but also undermined and treated our culture as inferior. It was Sister Nivedita who revived the pride of Indian traditions. She worked to unite people by awakening national consciousness.
  •     Greetings to children on Children's Day that is celebrated on our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday. Every child is a hero in the making of a 'New India'.
  •     The diseases that were earlier found only in old age have now started appearing in children. It is a big surprise when we hear about children suffering from diabetes. One of the main reasons is the lack of physical activity in our lifestyle and the change in our eating habits.
  •     Yoga for Young India... Yoga will be helpful for youngsters to maintain a healthy lifestyle and will protect them from any lifestyle disorder.
  •     Outdoor activities are a must for children. Elders must encourage children to move out and play in open fields and playgrounds.
  •     Be it Hockey, badminton, football or cricket, India has been steadily rising globally in sports. Our sportspersons have made the nation proud. I had the privilege of watching one of games during the FIFA U-17 World Cup tournament which was held in India.
  •     Guru Nanak Dev ji is not only the first Guru of the Sikhs, but also a 'Jagat Guru'. He thought about the welfare of all of humanity, treated everyone equally and emphasised empowerment and dignity of women. Through his acts, he showed the path of truth, sacrifice and devotion.
  •     Guru Nanak Dev ji gave three messages - Remember God's name in every single endeavour you undertake. Earn your livelihood through hard work and honest means. And selflessly serve the less fortunate.
  •     Sardar Patel shaped the Nation as whole. He united the entire country.
  •     Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel not only had transformational ideas but he had the solution to the most complex problems. His contributions in shaping the nation as a whole is invaluable.
  •      On Sardar Patel's birth anniversary on October 31, let us all 'Run for Unity'... On the occasion of Sardar Sahib's birth anniversary, 'Run for Unity' will be organised across the country on October 31. I urge everyone - men, women, children and youth to participate in the event.  
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