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Loksabha Poll 2019: We implemented the long-pending demand of OROP in military, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 14, Apr 2019, 11:00 am IST | UPDATED: 14, Apr 2019, 11:00 am IST

Loksabha Poll 2019: We implemented the long-pending demand of OROP in military, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday gave a statement regarding the Army, while addressing a massive rally in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and emphasised that it was the BJP government which implemented the decade-long demand of One Rank One Pension.

For decades our military partners were demanding one rank one pension. It is our government which implemented one rank one pension, he said.
He said Congress and its allies felt scared when he created a museum to mark the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and for introducing long pending One Rank One Pension (OROP).

On Mission Shakti, the PM said: “ Congress says they didn't conduct the test earlier as they wanted to keep it a secret. It was this approach of keeping secrets due to which India lagged behind in technology."

"Aaj ye himmat Modi ne dikhayi,duniya Bharat ka loha manne laga", he said.

He further said “when blasts used to take place in the nation, Congress government used to change its Home Minister, and put the entire blame on one person. But Modi doesn't change the Home Minister, Modi changes the ways.”

He said, “When Congress' 'mahamilavati remote government' was at centre, didn't blasts occur in Bengaluru? Was the nation not living under fear of terror attacks? Did any major blast take place in last 5 yrs of your "chowkidaar's chowkidaari". It was power of your 1 vote that made it possible.”

He mocked Congress' "dream" of forming a government at the Centre and castigated it on national security and Jammu and Kashmir issues, asking people to punish it in such a way that the party would not be able to save its deposits in the Lok Sabha polls.

He said the Congress has promised to remove the Army from Jammu and Kashmir, saying "exactly what Pakistan says word to word in Pakistan's language."

Devoting most parts of his speech to national security, Modi said the Congress had spoken about coming to power in its manifesto and added, "who can stop one from dreaming? "

"But let them dream about forming the government. I can understand it because a chaiwala has robbed the opportunity of four generations of Sultanate," he said.

Modi said what was worrying was that the Congress has said in its manifesto that if they form the government in Delhi, they would "remove" AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) that gives special powers to the soldiers.

"Which way are they going? Didn't you feel the pain and anger hearing this? The Jammu Kashmir for which thousands of soldiers were martyred, you want to make soldiers unarmed, helpless?," he asked the crowd.

Modi said Congress had also said in Pakistan's language that they would remove the army from Jammu and Kashmir. "Is this okay with you, will you be able to forgive Congress?.

Pandit Nehru sowed the seed of fire in Kashmir and still the country is bearing it, now they say they will remove army from there, what is the meaning of it?"

Modi also referred to the talk about having two prime ministers -one in Hindustan and the other in J&K (by National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah).

"Their talk of removing the law (AFSPA), removing the military and their Milavati friends talk about second Prime Minister.

If you see all these together, does Congress want to save Kashmir? Will you allow Kashmir to go away? The land on which our soldiers have shed their blood," Modi asked.
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