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Rakhi Sawant holds Pakistani flag close to her heart for film 'Dhara 370'

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 09, May 2019, 19:22 pm IST | UPDATED: 09, May 2019, 19:22 pm IST

Rakhi Sawant holds Pakistani flag close to her heart for film 'Dhara 370' Delhi: And she is back.. and how! This time the drama queen Rakhi Sawant chooses to draw attention by using the sentiments of the fellow Indians flashing the Pakistani flag for her latest post on social media. Rakhi took to Instagram on Wednesday and posted series of pictures posing with the Pakistani flag laid over her chest while she is standing dressed as a dancer in the beautiful shoot location with hills and a stream in the background. Spotting the flag in her post does come as a surprise but she explains what it's for, in her caption which reads - "I love my india ???????? but its my character in the film [movie camera emoji]dhara 370".

Even if the shooting was underway for a movie, it did not go down too well with the fans and they began slamming Rakhi. Rakhi has been reacting to the hate comments by defending her actions, in the comments section.
She wrote: "flags kise bhi dhesh ka ho we sud respect ✊ hum tererist atankwadi ke khilaf hai kise flag ke nahi"

She also hit back at the haters saying- "Or mera ek Pakistani dancers ka role hai how chip people u can talk anything get out from my instagram"

"Hu help Kasmeeri people from jehad from this terrible tererist"
"I only love human ban and my india ????????"

"And this is film[movie camera emoji]don’t eit my Bren iff u don’t like me get out from my Instagram

She posted another video in which she can be seen addressing the fans while seated on the sets and she explains further that her character is a Pakistani girl in the film titled 'Dhara 370' which is based on Kashmiri Pandits. Her character helps exposing the terrorist organisations who mislead and push kids into terrorism making the jehadis. She also shows around the sets where the Pakistani-army is dancing away in the background and the country's flags are put up all over.

Her caption reads- "Im jast plying my character in the film".