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Don't miss Viet Nam, direct flights, affordable stays & never before offers for travellers

By Priti Prakash | PUBLISHED: 29, Aug 2019, 17:05 pm IST | UPDATED: 29, Aug 2019, 17:15 pm IST

Don't miss Viet Nam, direct flights, affordable stays & never before offers for travellers New Delhi: Viet Nam, with its open policy, rich natural landscape and cultural heritage, is one of the major and potential tourist attractions of Southeast Asia, and around the world.

The Embassy of Viet Nam organized a Tourism Road Show with the aim to facilitate B2B interactions. The event saw representatives of nearly 200 travel agencies, tour operators, hoteliers and flight operators from India and Viet Nam including IndiGo Airline showcasing their product and services in order to attract maximum tourists.

Speaking at the occasion Ambassador of Viet Nam to India Pham Sanh Chau said, ‘Viet Nam and India have a traditional and long-standing relationship. 2000-year ago an Indian monk came to “Phat Tich” and took with him the spirit and philosophy of Lord Buddha. Hindu imprints of Cham ruins in central Viet Nam are also examples of this relationship. This friendship has been preserved, nurtured and continuously developed by the generations of leaders of the two countries since our independence.’

He said, ‘With Act East Policy, the Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi stresses the need to increase the number of visitors from ASEAN region in general and Viet Nam in particular to India and vice versa. This is not the first but the biggest event ever organized so far. We will continue to do it in order to give Indian and Vietnamese visitors a more diverse and new destination options.’

Below is the link of talks with the ambassador of Vietnam to India Pham Sanh Chau

As per statistics global tourism demand is booming and is forecast to grow at approximately 4% per year over the next decade (2019-2029), higher than the projected global economic growth rate. Chau said ‘Viet Nam, with its diverse cultural and natural tourism heritage, can fully benefit from the above favourable demand context.’

At the moment, Viet Nam ranks 32nd globally (out of 120 countries), 3rd in Southeast Asia in terms of the number of foreign visitors and attractiveness of her cultural and natural beauty. Viet Nam has up to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, on par with Indonesia as compared to most other countries in Southeast Asia, besides having top urban tourism like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang and Da Nang.

Ambassador Chau informed that currently, the Government of Viet Nam is taking tourism as a strategic industry and will focus on (i) developing tourism infrastructure, (ii) promoting tourism destinations, (iii) developing tourism skilled human resources, and (iv) improving state policies in the area of the tourism industry.

Over the past years, Viet Nam has made dramatic overall improvements in competitiveness such as ICT readiness, security and safety, port and ground infrastructure, development and ease of doing business.

Figures say over the last decade, international visitors to Viet Nam increased nearly four times from 4.2 million in 2008 to 15.5 million in 2018. Growth in international arrivals reached 25% during 2016-2018. Viet Nam's domestic tourism with a much larger number of visitors than international ones, is also growing sharply, quadrupling from 20.5 million in 2008 to 80 million in 2018 thanks to the rapid growth of the middle class in Viet Nam.

Airways connectivity eases travel

With Vietjet Air scheduled to open direct flights from Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City to New Delhi daily and alternatively from 6th December 2019, and Indian Airline IndiGo opening direct flights to Viet Nam from 3rd October, the number of Vietnamese tourists coming to India will increase tremendously. The number of Indian tourists coming to Viet Nam which has reached nearly 90,000 (over the past 7 months), an increase year-on-year by 124.4% will surely increase substantially.

A few tour operators and service providers that took part in the show were Jewel Tours, Hello Asia Travel, VieTravel, Windows DMC, Travel Anz, Astra Network, ThreeLand Travel, BWP Premier Best Western, Indi China Travel & Liesure, Global Destinations and Victoria Tour. Indigo was a participant too. VFS Global was partner company.
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