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UAE Ambassador Albanna says our govts main thrust on AI & women empowerment, National day marks the year of tolerance

By Priti | PUBLISHED: 04, Dec 2019, 20:03 pm IST | UPDATED: 30, Dec 2019, 19:52 pm IST

UAE Ambassador Albanna says our govts main thrust on AI & women empowerment, National day marks the year of tolerance  New Delhi: UAE celebrated its 48th National Day which falls on December 2. The National Day signifies the unification of six emirates followed by the joining of the seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah in 1972. The day marks UAEs formal nationalization in 1971. There are celebrations not just throughout the country but around the world with UAE presence.

UAE embassy in New Delhi held cultural show highlighting their folk music and dance performances. With Dr Murlidharan, MoS, External Affairs, Govt of India as Chief Guest, Ambassador of UAE to India, Dr Ahmed Albanna inaugurated the celebrations. There was on display UAEs old tribal cultural heritage.

UAE India relations that date back since 1972 have grown stronger over the time. The presence of Indian diaspora of 2.8 million in the arab country makes it particularly significant to India. Bilateral relations range from political to economic, cultural, security, tourism to diplomatic. High level visits from both sides have taken place since 2016 and 2017 of our respective leaders followed by other high level exchanges. Chief of Abu Dhabi, Crown Prince Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan visited India in 2018. PM Modi had visited UAE 2015 and was lately awarded UAE's highest civilian award. He has visited the middle east country three times in last 4 years.  

On this occasion Ambassador Dr Albanna said that India UAE relations are the best of all times with an upward trajectory in all bilateral fora.

2019 has been declared the year of tolerance by UAE. Tolerance to acceptance and co existence. ‘’We share a lot of economic ground with India specially of tolerance and co existence. UAE has taken steps in easing passport regime and has now encompassed 177 countries.’’ He said, ‘’ I appreciate the govt of India to have created an atmosphere for UAE nationals. Visa on arrival has been facilitated by UAE. Women empowerment is one of our main aspirations.’’ He further informed that 50 % of their Parliament has women as their national policy. ‘’Our leadership has taken steps in terms of education. One of our leaderships main thrust is to develop Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is to extend the hand of co operation and friendship to all countries of the world specially those who are tied with us through bilateral trade. Our trade with India have reached 60 billion US dollars.’’

Dr Albanna informed about Expo 2020 that will be organized in Dubai from October 2020 for 6 months, expecting about 25 million visitors. India has taken one of the largest pavilion.