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Corona Thoughts It's Impact & Cure

By Anil Kumar Rai | PUBLISHED: 18, Apr 2020, 10:53 am IST | UPDATED: 18, Apr 2020, 10:54 am IST

Corona Thoughts It's Impact & Cure

Every human being is gifted with a beautiful, sophisticated, rugged and highly flexible mind. This mindcontinuously receives and transmits millions of thoughts every day. We get variety of thoughts that includes motivational, frustrating, joyful, powerful, sad, anxious filled emotions and many more.

What are the Corona thoughts?

Our thoughts can very clearly be classified into two categories- Positive Thoughts & Negative Thoughts. Positive Thoughts are those which fill you with energy, joy, happiness, powerful and health. Whereas Negative Thoughts are those which can cause you fatigue, frustration, sadness, weakness and can cause illness too. Negatives thoughts act like a virus for your body and cause long term damages.

There could be another way to define those severally negative & contagious thoughts and I would like to call them as Corona thoughts. These thoughts could be identified easily through your self-diagnosis. Key symptoms are–

- Thoughts are Creating suffocation/ breathing issues inside you.
- Those contagious thoughts which was shared by an another person earlier and now causing you negative emotions – sometimes instantly and sometimes after few days.
- You heard/ captured those contagious thoughts & views while visiting public places - Market, Park, Office, Bus, Train, College etc. You heard then, thinking it now and getting into sad, frustration mood.
- Those thoughts which are going around your mind and you don’t find any pill through which you can get rid of the disturbing emotions.
- One thought is manifesting into multiple other negative thoughts.
- Multiple negative thoughts are creating hopelessness and helplessness within you.

What are the Impact of Corona thoughts?

These corona type (severely negative) thoughts carry a high amount of negative energy, low vibration with them. As you continue to think, they directly attack your nervous system that makes you feel low, tired, hopeless, weak and brings you into Fight/ flight mode. During this mode Sympathetic Nervous system is activated and this causes high blood circulation causing high blood pressure. This high BP doesn’t stop here and starts manifesting/ causing various other auto immune aka psycho-somatic illnesses like Diabetes, Heart issues, arthritis and thyroid etc. Continuous negative thoughts and associated weakness over a long period in body cause low morale, depression and many times people ending up their lives thinking that as the only solution.

How can we get rid of Corona thoughts?

We have all seen, read and heard the actions suggested for corona virus. Since these negative thoughts are not much different than the deadly virus we now have to have a fresh look at the available solutions. There is no vaccine so far for treating auto immune issues and self-control is best the way to protect yourself. You have to take following
measures to boost your immune system to stay away from such thoughts. Let’s look at these 10 key measures for staying away from Corona like thoughts-

Self-Isolation / Mind at its home position

We all stay/ live in our mind. Our mind is made up of pure thoughts unless we expose it to bad news, cranky situations, negative commotions. If we keep our mind confined to its home position (happiness, joy, love, care & share, respect) then it is strong enough to repel those corona thoughts and doesn’t allow them enter into your brain & body.

Use Ear/ Eye Mask at public places

You need to be very careful and when you move around in public places. Your mind is ultra-active and always picking up consciously & unconsciously everything though seeing as well as hearing that is happening around you. One good thing that your mind is teachable. You can teach your mind to pick certain things and reject negative thoughts. It learns to apply that filter/ mask across your eyes & ears and saves you from getting those viral thoughts.

Social - Mental Distancing - Greet/ Help everyone from a distance

There are occasions where we get into someone else’s sphere and contract unwanted issues. We start living their miserable life style & thinking patterns as if it’s ours. It’s important that we help others but don’t live and own it as your own issue. Imagine the life of every doctor if he owned the diseases of his all visiting patients and try to cure them instead of prescribing medicines and asking for scheduled follow ups. Be aware, keep a safe distance from other’s issue but do prescribe them right actions, if you know, if you can. Follow Social distancing of thoughts.

Use your spare time for Creating new skills

Everyone has little or more spare time and everyone has some hidden skills. It just requires some soul searching and new skill will flow out. Give some time to introspect and think what makes you happy (book reading, writing, poem,sports, music, comedy etc.) and you will be able to locate it. Give some time to it CONSISTENTLY and see the magic happening with you. Your life will change 360 degrees for good. Stop wasting your spare time just shifting between channels or doing things that don’t interest you or for making someone else happy.

Note: You need to train on time management and prioritization in case you feel no spare time available for your
skill development.

Indulge regularly into Yoga/ Pranayama

Yoga/ Pranayama flushes out the toxins from your body. It gets enough oxygen into you that purifies and balances the organ functionality and keeps you into para sympathetic mode. Staying calm and happy boosts your immunity level as well as filters out all that corona like thoughts that makes you weak.

Follow your sleep schedule

Our body runs on energy that receive from the supreme source, that infinite energy source. Sleeping is an act that charges our body and creates/ levels up the chemical called ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate). This energy level slowly deteriorates during yours awaken period when you are thinking and doing certain routine activities. ATP
slowly turns into ADP (Adenosine Di-Phosphate) and then you feel exhausted and your body wants to take rest for recharge. The more corona like thoughts more is the speed of discharge. Hence avoid getting into negative thoughts and build & follow an essential sleep schedule to have enough ATP.

Share & Care to Needy people

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You must help the needy people as much as you can and as frequently as youcan. Helping others makes you happy and it releases a chemical called Serotonin that keeps you happy and saves you from those negative thoughts.

Be Grateful to Health workers

You should be grateful and respectful to all health workers who are constantly working for your keeping your health in check. Don’t wait to fall sick and then visit a doctor for checkup or test. You should take care of your own health by following the activities suggested in this article. It’s important that you meet counsellors/ psychologists in case of any conflict/ confusion in your mind which can help you stay away from falling sick.
Don’t fight/ trouble anyone

Love thy neighbor. Love your mates. Love your relations. Love your family. Don’t pick fights for petty matters. Fight makes you weak and it brings down your immunity level. Fight makes you prone to that corona like thoughts and impacts your health. Feeling of love is very powerful and it certainly helps you in keeping healthy & happy. Do
it often.


Believe in almighty/ Supreme Power
Corona virus has taught us many lessons and one key lesson that every illness doesn’t have a pill. This always truethat prevention is better than cure and prevention is possible only when you keep your faith up in whicheversupreme power you believe in. This supreme power shows to us time to time that our inventions can be of no use ifwe go against the nature. Be aware and be prepared always.

So, remember that negative thoughts do create the similar virus that brings down your immunity level and makes you sad & sick over time. Be aware, take care and stay healthy & happy naturally. Keep in touch.

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