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Happy Teddy Day 2021 Wishes: Know The Origin Of Teddy Bear

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 10, Feb 2021, 12:48 pm IST | UPDATED: 10, Feb 2021, 12:48 pm IST

Happy Teddy Day 2021 Wishes: Know The Origin Of Teddy Bear DelhiThe valentine’s week is all about spreading love around you and after celebrating Rose Day, Propose Day and Chocolate Day, today marks the Teddy Day. The middle of the Valentine’s week is celebrated as Teddy Day which falls on February 10 every year. 

Teddy Day is celebrated before Promise Day and right after Chocolate Day. Teddy bears have always remained popular and adored as stuffed animals. However, the history behind this toy is a quite interesting. Did you know that Teddy bears get their name from former US President Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt?

In 1902, President Theodore made to national headlines when he refused to shoot a bear while hunting in Mississippi. Clifford Berryman published a cartoon of the event in the Washington Post on November 16th, 1902, and the caricature became an instant classic.  It is when New York store owner Morris Michtom and his wife Rose saw the cartoon and decided to create a stuffed toy bear, commemorating the President. Morris Mitchom called it - Teddy's Bear. This is the story behind the origin of Teddy Bear.

Sending this teddy to make you feel the warmth of my love whenever I’m not around. Happy Teddy Day, sweetheart!

Happy teddy day sweetheart! Sending cuddly teddy to my lovely, gorgeous love. Happy Teddy day to you, sweetheart!

On the teddy day, I wish you lots of love. Have a great time, sweetheart!

You are as cute as a teddy. Happy Teddy Day, sweetheart!

Happy Teddy Day!

Can I give a hug to my softest teddy? When you are with me, I never miss my teddy.

The softness of your love reminds me of my childhood love for teddy. You are my adult version of love for teddy. Happy teddy day.