Sunday, Nov 28th 2021
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Mamata Banerjee Won Bengal Elections

By Fnf Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 02, May 2021, 19:38 pm IST | UPDATED: 02, May 2021, 19:40 pm IST

Mamata Banerjee Won Bengal Elections Delhi: Mamta Banerjee is stacking up a huge victory in Bengal  with the Ttinamool Congress Leading in 219 of 294 seats and the BJP looks set to finish below the 100-mark, the DMK is heading for a big  victory in Tamil Nadu, the BJP is retaining Assam and the PDF is keeping kerala, reveal latest figures in the counting of votes in state.

Khela hobe did happen, and we did win. The BJP kept going on and on about double-engine sarkar, while I assured you all that I will score a double Century. This is Bangla win..This is Bengalas win.this is your win..This win has saved Bengal. It has saved the culture and traditional of Bengal. Said MS Banerjee who ran a bitter, no holds barred camping against the BJP over two months as vividh cars.surged in india.
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