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Pakistani Anchor Slaps Man During Interview, Heres Why A Section Of Netizens

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 23, May 2021, 13:47 pm IST | UPDATED: 24, May 2021, 13:10 pm IST

Pakistani Anchor Slaps Man During Interview, Heres Why A Section Of Netizens

Karachi: A video of a Pakistani anchor is going viral wherein he can be seen slapping the man he is interviewing and the people gathered around them also start thrashing that person while the anchor apparently does nothing to stop them.

While the video initially garnered criticism, a section of people is now appreciating the anchor for his act.

Iqrar Ul Hassan, the host of a show titled Sar-e-Aam, became a trending topic on Twitter in Pakistan after a video went viral wherein he is seen slapping a person he was interviewing during his show.

Initially, there was a lot of criticism against Iqrar Ul Hassan as netizens questioned his antics, however, a clarification presented by the anchor seems to have changed the opinions of a section of users.

In a video, Iqrar has clarified that the man he slapped was accused of sexually assaulting a minor girl, adding that the man had allegedly filmed the 12-year-old girl after tying her hands, ripping her clothes, and had been blackmailed her for several years.

When we managed to find this blackmailer. He blamed that girl saying that she stole 1.5 lakh Rs from his car. As a human, not as an anchor, I ended up slapping him. I have not done this in hiding or in any torture room. I knew there were a lot of cameras, people were recording it on their phones but I couldn't control myself," he says in the video he tweeted.

The anchor has apologised realising that he was wrong, acknowledging that he was not right in slapping him, and added that he is ready to face any legal action over the act.

Following his clarification, #ISupportIqrarUlHassan began trending on Twitter in Pakistan.

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