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International Online Webinar organised on Solutions of Sorrows

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 15, Jun 2021, 12:12 pm IST | UPDATED: 15, Jun 2021, 12:12 pm IST

International Online Webinar organised on Solutions of Sorrows
New Delhi: Adverse situations in life are the root cause of sorrows opined the noted Banaprastha exponent Swami Muktanand Paribrajak and Renowned Spiritual preacher Swami Sudhanand Saraswati. The religious masters have agreed that every human being goes through the sorrowful phase in life, which used to be the end result of person’s wrong doings. Both the Swamis have unequivocally admitted that sorrow recedes with the total surrender before the Almighty and Bliss surfaces due to dedicated devotion towards God. Participating in the online International webinar on the topic of ‘Solutions of Sorrows’, organised by Thinkers Club in Association with world wide Odia Organisations, as Honourable speakers the Gurus Duo deliberated on the definition, cause and types of sorrows as well as the means to overcome these in details.
Presenting Introductory remarks during the three hours long livestreaming marathon session, President of Thinkers Club Barada Das, explained that the main purpose behind the hosting of these devotional webinars is to sensitise the Odia Diaspora across the Globe about the essence of life in the backdrop of Corona crisis.  Delivering welcome address as Guest of Honour Chairman of World Odisha Society Kishore Dwibedi highlighted on the contradictions and confusions among the common people regarding the nature, kind, cause, and eradication of sorrows.
Opening the Web discussion Swami Muktanand Paribrajak from Rojad Ashram in Gujarat informed about the existence of physical, psychological, earthly and Godly kind of sorrows in human life. Following the path of truth, right and justice, the human being can attain eternal pleasure and perpetual bliss by the grace of God, Swamiji added. In order to get away from sorrows in life, Shri Paribrajak recommended the viewers to maintain Healthy body, Sharp intellects with pious soul and to arouse self realisation. Presenting her insightful analysis, celebrated writer Dr. Aishwarya Biswal explained that human being does error due to the uncontrollable lust for materialistic possession and as a natural outcome, experiences limitless sufferings.
Addressing the gathering the Founder of Shruti Nyasa Swami Sudhanand Saraswati observed that favourable and adverse situations use to invite pleasure and sorrows respectively. Both the pleasure and sorrows are not permanent in nature he added. False knowledge perpetuates terrible miseries to mankind, opined swamiji. Shri Saraswati advised the audiences to tackle the sorrows in life and career very boldly with all the physical might, financial resources, intellectual property and social fraternity in one’s possession.
Distinguished dignitaries participated in the deliberations from all over the world include President of Bahrain Odia Samaj Dinesh Mohanty, President of Netherland’s Odisha Samaj Saswat Padhi, Director of Ambedkar Foundation Dr. Debendra Majhi, Founder of Kalinga Bharati Foundation Akshay Samal, Chairperson of Vijayani Foundation Reeta Patra, General Secretary of N.G.O. Federation Dr. Rabindra narayan Behera, Senior Journalist Vinayak Das, Vice President of USS from Kolkata Pitambar Barik, Famous cultural Connoisseur Kasturika Patnaik, Founder of Vikash Foundation Krupanidhi Biswal, Sadhucharan Sahu from Cochi naval base, Pramod Panda from Padmapur, Braja Sharma and Abanikanta Sahu. The meeting ended with a scintillating Bhajan Recital by the Founder of Mahakankhya Foundation Pushpanjali Barik from New Delhi .  
Media co – ordinator of Odisha samaj U.A.E. Sudhashree Dash ably co – ordinated and smoothly conducted the entire virtual programme. 
Proposing vote of thanks, the Chairman of Canada South Asian Centre for Community and Cultural Development Dr. Sunanda Mishra Panda from Toronto profusely praised the noble initiatives of Thinkers Club in association with Global Odia Organisations. The digital control room was well managed by Nandan Dwibedi and Bibhudutt Mohanty. The spiritual discourse was witnessed by thousands of viewers from across the Globe through social networking sites.
Prominent personalities present in the webinar include Diptiranjan Nanda, Pritish Dash, Manoj Nayak, Dr. Adrish Brahmadatt, Kamal Panda, Manoranjan Panigrahi, Ajay Mishra, Bharat Mishra, Dr. Suresh Chandra Panda, Ramesh sahoo, Purna Patanik, Mamta Pradhan, Ashok Pattnaik, Sudhakar Behera, Sanjay Roul, Gayatri Mishra, Ahalaya Barik, Ramakanta Mahapatra, Dr. Kishore Mohanty, Kishore Sinha, Hrushikesh Patra, Dr. Bhabani Dikshit, Ritambhara Banerjee, Ashok kumar Panda, Subhas Panigrahi, P.K.Sahoo and Prabhat Ranjan Giri.
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