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Woman trashes McDonalds outlet in anger, order took too long

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 08, Oct 2021, 19:47 pm IST | UPDATED: 08, Oct 2021, 19:57 pm IST

Woman trashes McDonalds outlet in anger, order took too long

Badly behaved customers at eateries are not a new phenomenon, the internet even has a name for women with such behaviour in public places, they identify such people as 'Karen'.  In a viral video, a woman was filmed trashing a McDonald’s restaurant apparently because her order was taking too long to complete.

The incident happend in Arkansas and the woman was caught on camera knocking over trays and causing a huge commotion. When she was confronted for her action, she blamed her actions on her diabetes and claimed that her “blood sugar is low”. 

The video was uploaded on Twitter by crazykarens with the caption: "Karen Trashes McDonald’s because Her Coffee Took too Long".

As per a report by NewsWeek, The incident was recorded by TikToker CJ with her handle @still.bad.decisions. The woman was told the McDonalds staff to “be more professional” before she started knocking off trays. C.J added some context to the clip with an on-screen caption that read: “SLOW MOTION KAREN, her diabetes did it... coffee took too long”. 

The video has been viewd over 19K times with users calling her excuse a bluff. "Coffee doesn't have sugar, so her argument is invalid. If she was gonna PUT sugar in it, she could eat a sugar packet. Also, her medical emergency is not McDonald's problem. I hope they called the cops," one user wrote.

Another user suggested that the custimer is likely to get 'extra ingredient' in her coffee for her atrocious behaviour, "I wonder if she enjoyed the extra ingredient in her coffee today," she wrote. 

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