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Suffering from low sex drive? THESE medicines that you daily

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 29, Jul 2022, 18:00 pm IST | UPDATED: 29, Jul 2022, 18:01 pm IST

Suffering from low sex drive? THESE medicines that you daily

New Delhi: Sex. A word worth expressing more than what a statement could! We love talking about it, hearing about it, or doing it in our own 'sweet' way. Sex is considered the best way to feel the extreme desire of your partner and make love in the most intimate space. Sex drive or libido is related to having a great sexual experience. However, both men and women are prone to have reduced or total disinterest in sex. A number of internal and external factors are responsible for the decrease in sexual desire, with the major factor being medication, whether prescription or narcotic. Here is a list of 7 drugs that result in a lower sex drive for you (unfortunately).

Painkillers: The risk-free painkiller kills greater than simply the pain, your sexual drive. Painkillers are recognized to lessen the manufacturing of testosterone and different hormones important for sexual preference in men and women.

Anti-depressants: These drugs are used to treat depression and are known as libido killers. The most common antidepressant-related symptoms associated with loss of libido include loss of interest in sex, delayed orgasm, delayed ejaculation or no orgasm, no ejaculation at all, and erectile dysfunction in men

Birth Control Pills: When women use oral contraceptives or birth control pills, they can lower levels of sex hormones that affect libido and sexual desire. Therefore, birth control pills are less helpful for sex life.

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