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Navratri 2022: Try this amazing Beetroot ka Halwa

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 24, Sep 2022, 17:28 pm IST | UPDATED: 29, Sep 2022, 16:28 pm IST

Navratri 2022: Try this amazing Beetroot ka Halwa

New Delhi: Navratri is around the corner. Thus, everyone will look for a healthy dessert to offer to goddesses as well as consume during the nine day fasting. Here's our today’s recipe, especially for Navratri, which is known as Beetroot Ka Halwa. It is yummy, easy to make and still nutritious than various other halwa recipe. You need only 4-ingredients: beetroot, milk, ghee and sugar to make beetroot ka halwa.

If you are one of those who does not like spending so much time in the kitchen, it is very simple halwa recipe which can be cooked in minutes during the festive season. Since it requires a very less quantity of sugar, people with diabetes can also have it. moreover, if health conscious, you can also use jaggery and not sugar. Here is the recipe which you can try at your home and enjoy with your family and friends this Navratri.


Grated beetroot




How to Make Beetroot ka Halwa

The first step to make Beetroot ka Halwa at your home is to take all the ingredients and put them aside. Now, take a non-stick kadhai and put in on gas to heat on a medium flame. Firstly, add the grated beetroot to the kadhai and then add milk to it. keep adding until beetroot absorbs it completely. Leave it to cook until the milk slowly starts becoming less. Make sure to stir it in between again and again as it is necessary for the beetroot to absorb the milk completely. Once the milk is absorbed, add sugar and ghee to the kadhai. Keep stirring and it should be done well. Leave it for further cooking for another 5 minutes. Now, turn off the heat and your beetroot ka halwa is ready. To serve, garnish it with chopped almonds and enjoy your dessert!

Wishing you a Happy Navratri!