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After Digvijaya Singh, Mallikarjun Kharge enters Congress presidential race

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 30, Sep 2022, 10:40 am IST | UPDATED: 30, Sep 2022, 10:41 am IST

After Digvijaya Singh, Mallikarjun Kharge enters Congress presidential race New Delhi: Congress Veteran Mallikarjun Kharge is preparing to run for Congress presidential Elections and planning to fill his nomination on Friday, September 30. Mallikarjun Kharge is the third Congress leader to contest in the race, after Shashi Tharoor and Digvijaya Singh. According to sources, Kharge has the Gandhis' support and is reported to enter the elections by filling his nomination today. 

Earlier, Ashok Gehlot backed off from the presidential elections and also apologised to Sonia Gandhi, in a 90-minute meeting, for his “loyalists” unusual resistance on Sunday. According to the media reports, he also offered to resign from his position as Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, Digvijaya Singh has also entered the race revealing that his decision was decided on the spur of the moment, after Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot opted out the race. Mr Singh stated that if elected, he would carry out the decisions of the party, as is customary in a democratic society. He emphasised that a successful leader is "not a dictator," but rather "first among equals."

Also, Shashi Tharoor has commented that the presidential election is a not a fight between rivals, but a friendly battle. 

The last day of filing nomination is today, i.e. September 30. The elections will be held on October 17 and the results will be declared two days after. 

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