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AAP chief ministerial candidate to CHALLENGE 6 time BJP MLA for THIS seat

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 11, Nov 2022, 16:15 pm IST | UPDATED: 11, Nov 2022, 16:17 pm IST

AAP chief ministerial candidate to CHALLENGE 6 time BJP MLA for THIS seat After the Aam Aadmi Party chose Isudan Gadhvi for the post of Chief Minister, there was a discussion about which seat he would contest from. It has been announced that Isudan will contest from the Dwarka seat. The Aam Aadmi Party conducted a WhatsApp poll to reveal the face of the chief minister candidate in Gujarat. In this poll, Isudan was declared as the chief minister candidate after getting more votes than Gopal Italia. Earlier, the Aam Aadmi Party had fielded state president Gopal Italia from Katargam seat in Surat, while state general secretary Manoj Sorathiya was fielded from Karanj seat.

It is to be mentioned that there are more than 6 thousand voters of the Gadhvi community in Dwarka seat. There are 56 thousand voters of Ahir community, 35 thousand voters of Dalwadi community, 36 thousand voters of Ladhumati society and 14 thousand voters of Koli community in Dwarka seat. 13 thousand Brahmins, Lohana community has 12 thousand voters and 11 thousand voters of Kshatriya community in Dwarka. Isudan Gadhvi was a journalist. Now, through his show 'Mahamanthan', he is highlighting the issues of farmers. So he has good popularity among farmers as well.and 14

In view of the Gujarat Assembly elections , all the major political parties have intensified their political activities. With the intention of giving a tough challenge to the ruling BJP in the state in this election, the Aam Aadmi Party, including the Congress, has given full force. For the first time in the electoral battle of Gujarat, the Aam Aadmi Party made Isudan Gadhvi the CM face of the party.

Pabubha Manek (66 years) has been an MLA for the last 32 years and he has also been the Health Minister of Gujarat in the past. Pabubha first reached the assembly at the age of 34 and was elected continuously after that. Let us inform you that Pabubha Manek has been winning elections from Dwarka seat continuously since 1990. Pabubha Manek won the first three elections as an independent, then in 2002 he won the election on a Congress ticket. Thereafter, Pabubha Manek joined the BJP and was victorious in the 2007, 2012 and 2017 elections as well. Earlier, this seat was dominated by Congress. In the 2017 assembly elections, Pabubha Manek got 73,431 votes as a BJP candidate and defeated Ahir Meraman Markhi of Congress by 5,739 votes.

According to political experts, if Isudan Gadhvi enters the electoral battle on behalf of the Aam Aadmi Party from Dwarka seat, then there will be a triangular contest here. In fact, for the last several elections, the main contest between the BJP and the Congress has been going on in this seat. At the same time, Pabubha Manek won in both the last elections by a margin of less than 6 thousand votes. In such a situation, the big question is whether Isudan Gadhvi will be able to penetrate the stronghold of Pabubha Manek.