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Fruits of Modern Education

By Surya Mohan Dubey | PUBLISHED: 06, Jan 2011, 14:23 pm IST | UPDATED: 15, Apr 2011, 14:23 pm IST

Fruits of Modern Education

Modern education taught in schools, colleges, universities cover volumes of latest knowledge on various subjects. The most preferred subjects are science, commerce, arts and then other specialized courses. No one has any doubt about the capability and capacity of scholars. The proof is before entire world. Commendable advancement all around in all fields is lucidly visible. Whether it is industry, infrastructure, machinery, communication services, agriculture, business, medicines, treatments, surgery, organ transplantation, nuclear powers and for that matter even space.
Progress is multiplying at very fast rate every moment. Does it mean fruits bourn by modern education have made people happy? Contented? Secured? Ask your inner conscious, what has been lacking in syllabus? Why so called most educated people have turned to be terrorist, killing their own innocent brothers? Or their blood is different then of one the only one generally known as RED. Probably it is so, the blood of terrorist is mixture of hatred, destructive elements and those characteristics whose sole objective is to achieve their vested interests without caring its mean. Corruption is another serpent raising its hood up every where. Who taught them all these heinous inhuman crimes? Did peace loving people expect such fruits from modern education?

Peep through your own in-sight and ask yourself, ask every one you meet and ask specially those who commit mass destruction against human race and property? Who is responsible for this education? In which syllabus such education gets covered? Which University or religion professes this? What they achieve out of it? Or is it that naked hunger of sucking blood which existed before civilization? Or is it hunger of snatching absolute powers by those hands that have no democratic characters or do not have courage to involve in politics game? Or is it madness, desire of materialism, jungle raj, suppression or freedom to do any thing bad to worst? Any cause you name or any way you address such act nothing would be heard? Any way, it is the high time to boycott terrorism and corruption by one and all living soles in each country of the world. Every possible and even impossible effort should be done to fight these cancerous ailments jointly at any cost. Eradication of these maladies is bare necessity of todays.
Let us take a vow and make ourselves committed to root-out terrorism, corruption, blood sucking psyche, hatred and selfish mottos adopted by few mad peoples or even by some organizations. Of course over-powering these ailments is not possible alone by governments unless co-operated, contributed and supported by inhabitants in Toto. To commence with unshakable determination, vigorous committed efforts are necessary to bring environmental change. Lessons of Love-affection, belongingness, sacrifice for noble cause, doing only righteous things, sense of fraternity, onus of giving and not only taking should be preached and spread all over by one and all.

These lessons should not only be practically done but also to be seen done by masses. Bringing these changes in mass, in society, in Government, in the country and to the world is not impossible but of course a difficult challenge. Universities, Colleges, Schools and Institutions should design a mechanism of launching these characters as part of studies included in the syllabus. Initial phases would be too hard to be accepted by large but definitely this will bring ripped and sweet fruits in the passage of time.
Days would not be far when modern education would start bearing new fruits creating pious, kind, neat-clean, considerate and just loving society besides prosperities touching high sky.