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Indian governance much like Egypt governance

By Surya Mohan Dubey | PUBLISHED: 22, Feb 2011, 14:48 pm IST | UPDATED: 15, Apr 2011, 14:48 pm IST

Indian governance much like Egypt governance

Today again, the news of another largest scam of NE made most of Indian folks in USA to think, to seriously worry about and  bow our heads with  shame in front of many other nationals. No one may even think that  how much image these politicians have tarnished  and we stand like stooges among them keeping our heads down.  Today in friends assembly  when most of them (Other nationals)  raised jointly a question 'IS INDIAN GOVERNANCE IN MATCH WITH EGYPT GOVERNANCE? WHOSE SCORE IS HIGH? ARE THEY AT THE EDGE OF GETTING PUSHED LIKE EGYPT GOVERNANCE AFTER THREE DECADE OF CORRUPTION HEIGHTS? We all had no words except keeping our lips stitched tight against their version and questions.
 There have been volley of questions from all around and literally we, the Indians amoungst foreign folks had to stand ashamed as if we also have been silent sharer in these loots. We are not able to understand any part of it?  Why the Government has been hesitating to convene JPC and why did it nod now after adding another loss of crores of revenue for keeping Parliament non-functional for weeks together? Now another severe shocking news of fresh 63,000 Cr scam in NE, PDS system has made NRIs to think that is our hard earned money invested there is safe or "have our innocent people reached impotence stage not able to react or there is still more to come. One after another scam. It appears that money looted out of  CWG scam,  2G spectrum scam, ISRO  scam has been easily digested and hunger has multiplied because no major revolutions emerged. Now  nothing more, only 63000 Cr in PDS system of North East.

Heights of criminality by white collored people. Grains meant to feed poors for their survival are being black marketed by them.  Is this a democratic  "Governance", so called famous in the world "for the people, of the people and by the people looting agents? Politicians have tarnished their images themselves by their act or few are impotent of being unable to take any befitting measures to eliminate corruption,if they are  not  agents. So low these white collared politicians could go? Shame, shame, shame on us who elect them and shame is not the word for these looters, they are deadly weapons.
The out come of all these scams are well known.Easy to predict as ever.The best could be to convene some kind of Inquiry Commissions, may be by CBI or maximum to keep people silent. JPC and then? THE END. Vandematram. Shocking news is yet to come ahead, the great platform is under construction.There is another platform coming-up to have better chance of looting. SWISS Banks black money. Black money accounts are being searched and then? What a bright chance could be expected from a grand scam.One after another. What an expertise governance has?
Let us seriously think on the pities of common people. How long like bugs, these powerful people would be sucking the bloods of democratic values and of democracy. Days are not far, when people will throw these hippocratic politicians out.I am afraid that what is happening in middle east, now, may, the  same situations  not arise in India and our largest democracy know in the world, gets perforce thrown out. Let all of us and specially who are in governence or in politcs beware of unlimited powers of masses.Let us fear from justice and think seriously twice on our own ACTIONS.

Its known fact that these cautions will be like lighting a lamp against Sun to advice these politicians, but who knows, some time it may strike you all.  Wish our voices reach the whilte collored politicians, governence and they  might really reform themselves and  really take care of mass by whom they have been elected with lots of expectations to work for them and not to add their own bank balances or bank balance  of political parties. By chance if still they go deaf, I am sure they will have to re-pay it with dividends. The end of Saddam is well  known worldwide and ofcourse latest uprooting of Hosni Mubarak too. So let us not wait any more for reform, be considerate and wake up before some one wakes you all up after destroying every thing.
World is neither deaf nor blind and not weak as some inside the Governence think. Peoples power is well known, and it is adviseable for polity acumen not to test the paitence.

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