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Real Face of Pakistan

By Sqd Ldr Surya Mohan Dubey | PUBLISHED: 05, May 2011, 16:33 pm IST | UPDATED: 06, May 2011, 16:20 pm IST

Real Face of Pakistan

The face of dubious characters which Pakistan has is now visible distinctly and lucidly mirrored out before entire world. Such a great evidence of harboring and abetting world's most WANTED terrorist within their most secured military needs no more proof of their active support for their vested interests. They played double role as ever has been their nature. With this tactics firstly they enjoyed handsome financial aids from US in the name of fighting terrorism and secondly instead of fighting harbored them in their own well protected soil. Who knows Pak under this disguised cover might have enjoyed tremendous financial benefits from terrorist groups and in addition  used them in launching terrorist activities against India.

Pakistan since its inception in the world map has always been involved in nefarious activities. They never had been trustworthy to any nation and even not to their own people.Emerging of Bangladesh out of their sovereign territories is very fine and living example. They are most unturstworthy and cheaters. Blood shedding, blood bath, murdering are in their nature. Ms Benazir Bhutto has been the prey of these characters. Her father was also meted out the same fate.

History speaks in volumes about this nation.Whenever there has been chaos, unrest and disturbance in Pakistan,because of their internal inefficiency in managing the country well, Pak has ever used this opportunity to divert the attention of their population by attacking at India. US in fact had rightly assessed Pak's character and therefore very rightly decided not to share this invaluable secret plan to anyone in the world and took unilateral decision to penetrate into their airspace and undertook this sophisticated operation of the most wanted terrorist without letting any country know about it. Taking of such most risky decision by USA exhibits exceptional courage and extraordinary leadership of President Obama.

The Blue Seal indeed did extra ordinary courageous task in the direct face of the most dangerous and active enemy in foreign soil.The operation could have very serious repercussions. But if the objectives are clear and for the well being of the world then it culminates with excellent decency and give sweet fruits, as has been in this case setting an exclusive precedence before the world.

Pakistan has proved itself a "CHEATER" and a TERRORIST COUNTRY' It is high time Pakistan should be declared a TERRORIST Country and be treated accordingly. This step is inevitable and necessary to eliminate terrorism and to make the world livable with peace and dignity.
The writer is a retired Indian Air Force Officer. Retired as Squadron leader after 4 decades of service he presently resides in Florida, US. He is a reular columnist and spiritualist.


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