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Post US Navy Seal Operation's Complications

By Sqd Ldr Surya Mohan Dubey | PUBLISHED: 06, May 2011, 14:10 pm IST | UPDATED: 18, May 2011, 13:05 pm IST

Post US Navy Seal Operation's Complications

Consequent to the cold blooded fate meted out to Al Quaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden by Navy SEAL SIX, under the direct nose of Pakistan's  heavily regimented area, there are natural and reasonable possibilities  of a volley of questions from various terrorist groups, extremists, ideologists, Arab Worlds and actively involved countries like USA, Pakistan & Afghanistan besides various other countries including India and China.
Out of various questions which ought to emerge out of normal prudence, the most significant are :- (A) Will Al -Quaeda survive longer after the death of Osama (b) Is he a martyr or a mass murderer (c) Would Afghan War strategy after Osama's death change and US would withdraw its force soon (d) Was US strategy of nabbing Osama in Pak's territory a violation of airspace and an attack on Pak's sovereignty (e) Will US's repeated alarm that it will not hesitate similar operation in Pak's soil to kill most wanted terrorist, if no action appears coming out by Pak, pose threat to Pak's sovereignty and retaliation as claimed by Pak (f) Should US not only cease financial aid to PAK for fighting terrorism but should claim it back (g) Why should PAK not be declared as Terrorist State who has been harboring, aiding and abetting terrorists (h) Will such operations as of US guide future war strategies and of course many more.
It would not be fair to isolatedly opine on these questions as these are most debatable depending upon the nature of each category of groups, countries and their philosophies of principles set for their countrymen and objectives. Extremists and terrorists may be well justified in their own psyche and philosophies in terming Osama as martyr. On the other hand except these criminal psyche groups no one in the world would like to term Osama's death as martydom as the entire world including Muslims and other religious people have witnessed the catastrophes caused by these terrorists under the leadership of the wildest terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

How ruthlessly, mercilessly innocent people, children who had no concern with any ideology have been killed. I do not think that there would be any RELIGION which teaches such brutal killings of innocent masses and if so probably they need to interpret their religion's wordings in right, positive manners and just perspectives keeping humanity, love and kindness in mind. Mr Gilani, the Hurriat leader may be right in his parochial vision but certainly can never be called right by majority populace of world who respect civilisation and humanity. Such movement should rather be treated as traitorship and persons as enemy within the country.
USA with all positive perspective and just wisdom has not only been right but bold and courageous to launch such  operation on Pakistani soil. USA has been more so right after determining that PAK has ever been denying about Osama being in Pakistan and did nothing against terrorism rather privileged them safe haven within most sensitive military zone. USA or for that matter any country including India would be right for such unilateral operations and should resort to such operations as and when no action appears to start coming out by the country harboring them.

Specially in this isolated case when  it was seen that Pakistan despite giving them enough proof of harboring terrorist on their soil took no action. Similarly India has given solid conclusive proof against those terrorist  who were involved in mass killings specially Mumbai massacres, but Pakistan did not reckon and paid any heed.It is high time that India should also consider such daring operations to fight against terrorism.  India should also take drastic actions against those groups who support such ideologies like Jihadis etc.  The heated exchange of dialogues between Pakistan and USA  need to be calmed down to avoid fueling the situation post  Osama's death.
 USA would indeed be more justified and encouraged for claiming the refunds of its financial aid to Pakistan. USA may like to review its foreign policy with regards to withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan before accomplishing its objectives and realising desired result. Negotiations with Taliban Regime across the table at this point of time may prove to be a prudent step but only if Taliban truly respects and honour democratic values.
 The International communities who are against terrorism should unite and teach Pakistan a befitting lesson to desist from such nefarious activities and to prove their credentials to earn respect and honour by professing peace living ideologies. Pakistan should be given  a fair chance by set schedule to prove its innocence that it (PAK) did not abet, aid or harbor the most wanted terrorist and would take effective action  to fight against terrorism in the times to come.     

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