Sunday, Mar 18th 2018
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N Chandrababu Naidu-led Telugu Desam Party (TDP) walked out of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) over the Centre's denial of a...

by : FnF Correspondent

There is strange inertia and lack of passion on the part of the main opposition party to head on confront the threat to the Idea of India. Just by profusely using the in...

by : Satya Narayan Sahu

Pi is a mathematical constant, meaning it isn't changed by the size of the numbers it's used to equate, and it is irrational, meaning it has an infinite number ...

by : FnF Correspondent

Electronic media and websites aren't 'Pope Sitting in Pulpit': Supreme Court

by : FnF Correspondent

The Supreme Court cautioned electronic media and websites against baseless publications, containing insinuations, and added they should not feel like the "Pope sitting in the Pulpit". ...

Blistered feet, silent tears and ultimate victory: Maharashtra farmers call off protests, return home as govt agrees to demands

by : FnF Correspondent

The gruelling 200-km, six-day 'Long Kisan March' by over 35,000 farmers finally ended on a positive note, with the Maharashtra government agreeing to most of the farmers' demands. These...

We knew that my father and grandmother was going to die but we have 'completely forgiven' killers: Rahul Gandhi

by : FnF Correspondent

Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that he and his sister Priyanka Gandhi have "completely forgiven" his father Rajiv Gandhi's killers. During his interaction with IIM alumni in Singapore, Gand...


President inaugurates World Hindi Secretariat; addresses Indian Diaspora in Mauritius

by : FnF Correspondent

President Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the World Hindi Secretariat building today on the third day of his visit to Mauritius. He also launched the World Hindi Secretariat's logo, an Early Digital...

Abnormal landing to blame for US Bangla airplane crash in Nepal: Moments before tragedy, audio clip hints at apparent confusion over landing

by : FnF Correspondent

A plane crash at Nepal's main airport killed 49 of the 71 people on board, police said Tuesday as an investigation was ordered into the cause of the accident, which occurred after seeming confusi...

Xi Jinping: From graft-fighting governor to President for life, the rubber-stamp Chinese parliament abolishes presidential term limits

by : FnF Desk

Xi Jinping has joined the pantheon of Chinese leadership two decades after bursting onto the scene as a graft-fighting governor who went on to earn comparisons with Mao Zedong in his quest for unrestr...


GDP growth rises to 7.2%, India snatches back title of the world's fastest growing major economy from China

by : FnF Desk

India has snatched back the title of the world's fastest growing major economy from China, going by the encouraging 3rd quarter growth numbers released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). ...

Dozens A320 jets groundedः Everything about the A320neo engine failure & what it means for you

by : FnF Desk

In the past three decades, technological advances have made engine failures a rare occurrence, with only about 25 (in multi-engine aircraft) a year worldwide, or one engine failure for every million f...

Forbes' 2018 'World's Billionaires' list: Jeff Bezos tops, Bill Gates 2nd on Globe, Mukesh Ambani richest Indian for the 11th year in a row

by : FnF Desk

Business Tycoon Mukesh Ambani's net worth has soared to $40.1 billion, making him the richest Indian for the 11th year in a row, while Amazon founder Jeff Bezos toppled Bill Gates as the world�...


It's Parker Solar Probe mission: Now you may send your name to the Sun by NASA's 'Hot Ticket'

by : FnF Desk

NASA is inviting people around the world to submit their names online to be placed on a microchip aboard its historic solar probe launching this summer. "This probe will journey to a region humanity h...

When President Narayanan said, 'Stephen Hawking represents triumph of human spirit over matter'

by : Satya Narayan Sahu

I recall his visit to India in 2001, after the meeting President Narayanan came out to see off professor Hawking and media persons waiting outside asked Mr. Narayanan about his experiences in interact...

Physical Universe meet: Black holes might be portals to alternate universes, Physicists debating newer theories

by : FnF Desk

Physicists are constantly debating the nature of these collapsed stars. Physics is deterministic, meaning that knowing exactly what happened in the past, such as the origins of the universe, determine...


'Fire and Fury' recital: How Clinton mocked Trump at Grammys

by : FnF Desk

Hillary Clinton was a surprise guest at the 2018 Grammy Awards as the Democrat leader read passages from the book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" to mock US President Donald Trump....

Twisted interpretation of history: Challenging times for artists, filmmakers

by : Amulya Ganguli

At the root of the controversy over the release of the Hindi feature film "Padmavati" is, first, the saffron brotherhood's interpretation of history with a pronounced anti-Muslim bias and, second...

Dave Weckl drums up magic with absandey at the Jazz India circuit, leaves audiences in awe

by : FnF Correspondent

With a stellar line-up of prodigious young talent and legends of the genre, the first of Jazz India Circuit's twin concerts organised by Teamwork Arts in the National Capital drove the city'...


The Medical Profession is at Crossroads

by : Dr Mukul Kapoor

The medical profession in India is perhaps at its lowest repute. No profession is today as abused by the Indian public, as the doctors. You see doctors being abused, ridiculed, accused of murder/corru...

The malaise of Private Healthcare versus govt's NPHS

by : Dr Mukul Kapoor

No investor will venture into a business if no profit is envisioned. Private Hospitals are business establishments and it would be naïve to expect them to be just philanthropic non-profit organizatio...

Diabetes is actually five separate diseases; and these 5 foods to manage it naturally

by : FnF Desk

Diabetes - or uncontrolled blood sugar levels - is normally split into type 1 and type 2. But researchers in Sweden and Finland think the more complicated picture they have uncovered will usher in an ...

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India's 70: Are we paying a price for our democracy!

by : Priti Prakash

Independence was a painful journey that got with it death, destruction, migration, division, sacrifi...

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Hardly any women are there in politics and legislative assemblies in North Eastern states

by : Satya Narayan Sahu

It is rather unfortunate that these elections have not registered victory for women's representation...

Conduct Rules for whom?

by : Rajeshwar Singal

This may sound like a dilemma, but it is not far from truth. Conduct Rules are meant to govern condu...

Food and Dissent: How food is related to sustainability and climate change

by : Sunita Narain

The idea of secularism is this very idea of India which respects the equality of all. Of course, wit...

Common Man and Judicial System

by : Ravi Kishore

Today every one is talking about judicial accountability i.e. how the whole system of judiciary is t...

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